Most Common Breakdowns for Diesel Trucks

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It’s an awful feeling. You’re on the road, and your truck suddenly breaks down. You may be temporarily stranded while you frantically try to determine the issue and make diesel engine repairs in Wytheville, VA.

To prepare for these scenarios, consider the most common causes of breakdowns in diesel trucks. If you’re aware of what is likely to happen, you can take steps to avoid these problems or prepare in advance for them.

Tire problems

Issues with truck tires are one of the top causes of breakdowns. Too often, these parts are taken for granted until there is an issue. Improper inflation, worn tread or damage can cause blowouts and flats. These situations can also result in safety violations. Always inspect your tires before making a trip. Make sure all tires are properly inflated and have appropriate tread depth before hitting the road.

Brake issues

Diesel trucks can experience a variety of brake problems. Contaminants in the air supply for the brakes can cause issues. Corrosion is another possible cause of brake trouble. Leaks in the air pressure and timing imbalance are additional sources of brake concerns. Always include regular brake inspections as part of your ongoing vehicle maintenance. Use quality components when you replace brake parts as part of this maintenance. Solid brakes are essential to safety, so this isn’t a maintenance step that can be skipped.

Electrical concerns

Diesel trucks feature a host of electrical components. A problem with any of these systems can cause overall issues with your truck. Your lighting, cranking system and charging system are main areas of concern. To reduce the likelihood of electrical problems, try switching to LEDs for lighting. Additionally, be aware that increasing electrical loads to add comfort and convenience features can put strain on your system. Consult with a mechanic who specializes in diesel engine repair in Wytheville, VA to make sure any electrical alterations or repairs are done properly.

Fuel shortage

Having enough fuel may seem like an obvious part of truck travels, but running out of fuel is more common than you might think. Another related issue is to run out of diesel exhaust fluid. Be sure to keep an eye on your fluid levels and always stock up for the miles ahead before you leave town. You can even use fuel-finder apps to locate gas stops along your route.

Cooling connections

If you’re experiencing issues with your cooling system, this is probably due to connection problems. A loose connection can cause loss of coolant. To prevent coolant problems, have your coolant pump, thermostat and all connections inspected regularly by a trained mechanic.

Breakdown backup

For ongoing support with diesel engine repairs in Wytheville, VA, partner with the pros at Complete Truck Service, Inc. We can help you maintain your truck to avoid repairs or help you out of a jam if you experience a breakdown. We offer 24-hour towing, lockout and jump start services, and we specialize in heavy-duty diesel mechanic work. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a free estimate for services.

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