The Ethics of Automotive Repair

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Every mechanic has a sort of code of ethics, whether he or she has ever actually thought in great detail about it or not. Across the industry, there are some governing bodies that help enforce ethics in the automotive sector.

One such agency is the American Service Association, an agency that makes ethics and accountability absolutely crucial in its mission to provide automotive repair customers across America with the finest service possible.

Here is the code of ethics as presented on the ASA’s website:

  • To perform high-quality repair service at a fair and just price.
  • To use only proven merchandise of high quality distributed by reputable firms.
  • To employ the best skilled technicians obtainable.
  • To furnish an itemized invoice for fairly priced parts and services that clearly identifies any used or remanufactured parts. Replaced parts may be inspected upon request.
  • To have a sense of personal obligation to each customer.
  • To promote good will between the motorist and members of the association.
  • To recommend corrective and maintenance services, explaining to the customer which of these are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance.
  • To offer the customer a price estimate for work to be performed.
  • To furnish or post copies of any warranties covering parts or services.
  • To obtain prior authorization for all work done, in writing, or by other means satisfactory to the customer.
  • To notify the customer if appointments or completion promises cannot be kept.
  • To maintain customer service records for one year or more.
  • To exercise reasonable care for the customer’s property while in our possession.
  • To maintain a system for fair settlement of customer’s complaints.
  • To cooperate with established consumer complaint mediation activities.
  • To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry.
  • To uphold the integrity of all members of the Automotive Service Association.

While this is just one example of a code of ethics from a larger governing body for auto service providers, including providers of trailer repair in Wytheville, VA, it’s a good example of the kinds of ethical codes many individual auto service providers set for themselves. The common threads that bind each of these points on the ASA’s list is that the service agency should be focused on serving the customer first and foremost, and should go above and beyond expectations that come with providing outstanding customer service.

The conduct of auto service providers reflects on the entire industry. Poor service provided by one technician, or malicious conduct by one technician, could sour one’s opinions of mechanics and service technicians in general, which damages the entire industry. It is in the interest of these service providers, then, to uphold these standards in all of their work.

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