The Rise Of Electric Semi Trucks

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Electric semi-trucks are changing the trucking industry. They are safer, more fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly compared to conventional gas-powered trucks. As a result, several manufacturers, logistics companies, and trucking operators have already started piloting electric trucks.  

They Are Safer 

Electric trucks are supposed to be safer than diesel vehicles, with less noise, lower maintenance costs, and advanced semi-automated driving technologies. In fact, many of these trucks are already on the road today. As things stand today, there are numerous plans for the industry to transition their fleets to all-electric vehicles by 2023, or sooner. 

They Are More Fuel Efficient 

One of the main advantages that electric trucks have over their diesel counterparts is their fuel efficiency. In fact, they can reportedly provide up to 95% drive efficiency and even more when combined with their battery capabilities. It’s also worth noting that they have significantly lower emissions than diesel vehicles. This means they could significantly contribute to cutting down on air pollution and global warming. 

They Are More Environmentally Friendly 

As more countries push to ban gas and diesel-powered vehicles, trucks are being converted to electric to decarbonize the transportation industry. According to a report by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), fuel-cell electric and battery-electric trucks produce more carbon dioxide during production than traditional diesel trucks, but they have significantly lower life cycle emissions than those of their fossil fuel counterparts. 

They Are More Affordable 

Electric semi-trucks are less expensive to run than other trucks, due to lower fuel costs. They also need fewer maintenance repairs and less oil change. According to a back-of-the-envelope calculation, an electric truck could save a fleet operator up to 50% of operating costs on a per-mile basis compared to diesel trucks. 

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