Does Your Semi Have Transmission Issues?

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One of the scariest and most intimidating aspects of semi-truck upkeep and repair is when you feel something is off with your transmission. Tractor trailer transmissions can be expensive to repair or replace, but they are vitally necessary to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle.

18 wheeler transmission problems can present themselves in subtle or obvious ways. Knowing what to look for during the earlier signs can save you time and money down the road. Let’s talk about some warning signs regarding transmission issues in 18-wheeler semi-trucks. 

1. Difficulty When Shifting

Having issues when trying to shift is one of the major signs that you may need a transmission service, repair, or replacement. If it takes you more than one attempt to get your transmission to shift gears, you could have issues with it. Low transmission fluid is one of the first things to check. It may be as simple as needing to add more fluid. 

There may be other shifting problems, such as revving between shifts or tough, jerking gear shifts. A properly-functioning semi-truck should be able to shift gears in a normal, smooth way. Any jerking may be a result of a pressure buildup due to a fluid clog or an improperly functioning shift solenoid.

2. Grinding or Other Types of Unusual Sounds

If you detect a grinding noise when shifting, or anything else out of the ordinary, it’s best to have your transmission inspected and checked for defects. A cause of the grinding, growling or gurgling sounds you hear when attempting to shift may be indicative of a larger problem about to happen.

Though the problem could be as simple as having too low transmission fluid, it might also be a warning of cracks in the gears. When in doubt, getting an estimate from a reputable mechanic is always advisable.

3. Your Clutch Is Dragging

If you have an issue, such as the clutch not releasing even after shifting, it is time to have your semi-truck looked at by a professional. If the clutch isn’t immediately releasing when you let go of it, there can be a big problem with your transmission. Once you check your transmission fluid level, if the problem persists, take it to someone specializing in semi-truck repairs. 

4. Your Truck’s Transmission Is Slipping

If your 18-wheeler is slipping out of gear, this is another sign that a transmission repair or replacement may be necessary. If your truck seems to change gears when it shouldn’t, you probably need to add some transmission fluid. However, another possible scenario is that low hydraulic pressure isn’t creating enough force to keep the gear where it belongs.

When in Doubt, Take Your Truck To Be Inspected

It’s important that you don’t ignore these warning signs when they happen to your 18-wheeler. Having your semi-truck looked over and inspected by a professional mechanic could save you thousands of dollars by having repairs made instead of a transmission replacement. 


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