Becoming More Fuel Efficient in Your Semi

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One of the most critical factors involved with long-haul semi-truck driving is fuel efficiency. When talking about fuel efficient semi trucks, there are a number of things that can be done to improve overall fuel efficiency, which translates into more profitability. And who doesn’t want or need more profit, right?

What can be done to improve fuel efficiency on 18-wheel semi trucks? There are actually a number of things that may help. Check out these tips that you can use to improve one’s fuel efficiency and improve profitability. 

Be Sure Your Tires Have Proper Air Pressure

Having the optimal, correct air pressure in your semi-truck’s tires will ensure a proper, smooth ride. This slight adjustment can reduce wind drag and resistance, which will, in turn, positively affect your semi truck mpg. The more miles per gallon you get with your fuel efficiency, the more profitability you’ll see toward your bottom line. 

Moderate Your Braking

When a semi-truck remains in motion, it uses less fuel than when one is stopping and going constantly. Being sure not to overdo it with your braking, but opting to maintain a normal, smooth braking pattern will ensure that you are not overusing your gas pedal to keep your semi-truck moving once again. Sometimes, just being consistent and aware of your braking patterns can help improve this. 

Drive With Your Air Conditioning On

Driving with your air conditioning is better for fuel consumption than traveling with your windows down. Though it may be nice enough weather to drive with your windows down, this can create wind drag and thus negatively affect your fuel consumption. You can see an improvement in your fuel efficiency by keeping the windows up and using your air conditioning instead of the windows down option. 

Try To Maintain a Regular, Constant Speed

It’s much better to keep a normal, safe speed than constantly accelerating and decelerating. Use the cruise control option when possible to stay at a normal, optimal speed. The speed limit on many highways is 65 MPH. Using cruise control instead of always having your foot on the gas pedal will keep your fuel efficiency at an optimal level and reduce the amount of fuel being used when accelerating. 

Do Not Leave Your Semi-Truck Idling for More Than Five Minutes

Often, truck drivers will leave their semi-trucks idling when parked, especially in very hot or cold weather. This is not ideal for fuel-efficiency goals to be met. If you’re going to be more than a few minutes, it’s best to turn off the truck and just start it up once you’re ready to hit the road again. 

Follow These 5 Tips to Help Your Semi-truck’s Fuel Efficiency

If you are looking to maximize your profitability and save on fuel consumption, using a few or all of these tips will improve your fuel efficiency. Be careful and see the results you get. 


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