How To Fix a Flat Tire on a Trailer

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Large trucks and trailers are very necessary today as they ship products all over the world. While these trucks are generally safe to drive, the number of miles and weight that is placed on the trucks is bound to cause some issues at some point. One challenge that a truck driver may need to deal with is a flat tire occurring while driving. If you are driving a truck and experience a semi truck flat tire, there are various tips to follow.

React Calmly

One of the tips that you need to follow if you have an 18 wheeler flat tire is to react calmly. A mistake that many people will make is drastically hitting the brakes or trying to make a swift movement off the road. Unfortunately, this can lead to a loss of control and can create further hazards. Instead, you should have a controlled movement and slowly decelerate as you make your way to the shoulder of the road. 

Secure the Truck

It is important that you properly secure the truck when you are going to replace tires. This includes putting it in park, placing locks on all the wheels, and trying to find a flat surface. 

Disassemble Current Tire

Once the truck is secure, you will want to disassemble and remove the existing tire. This will include taking off the hubcap and removing all of the lug nuts. You likely will have some tools in your truck that will need to be used to do this efficiently. Once the lug nuts and hubcaps are loose, you can raise the truck using a commercial jack. 

Put on the New Tire

Once the truck is lifted, you can completely remove the existing tire. You can inspect it quickly to see if it can be patched, but you should still put on your spare tire. You will then want to place it on the truck and put the lug nuts back in place. Once this is done, the tire should be secure, and you can put the truck back down and be on your way.

Head to the Local Service Center

More than likely, your spare tire will not be designed to last for too long. Because of this, you should bring your truck to a local service center to receive a full replacement. This will provide you with a secure tire that you can use to get to your destination.

Replacing a tire on a commercial truck is a skill that all truck drivers need to know. If you do experience a flat tire while driving, following these tips can help. 

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