Care Tips to Keep Your Rig Running Great

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Big rig drivers are constantly asked to set aside time and effort to handle various repairs. This is merely a reality of the job. Of course, this can be problematic for many. Every moment that a trucker is off the road is a moment where they are unable to make money. These concerns are highly understandable and that’s where this handy guide comes into play.

The time has come for a closer look at the care tips that will keep a rig running great. By taking the time to learn more about these pointers, truck drivers are able to steer clear of unscheduled repair stops and always remain on schedule!

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

The tire pressure of a big rig is something that needs to be checked on a weekly basis. If the tires are not properly inflated, driving becomes far more challenging. Fuel mileage is decreased and steering is far more challenging. On the other hand, overinflated tires are also a major problem waiting to happen.

Tires that have been inflated too much are far more likely to pop. Pothole damage is also more likely with overly inflated tires. Weather changes and high-speed driving can also have an effect on tire pressure, so be sure to keep a close watch.

Check Fluid Levels

Knowing how to avoid unnecessary truck repairs is crucial. So how do you take care of a semi truck over the long haul? It starts by checking the fluid levels before each long trip. The oil is arguably the most important of all. Drivers who fail to check the oil are placing themselves in a difficult position. They are often left holding the bag for expensive engine repairs when the engine is harmed from lack of oil.

Check Brakes Consistently

The brakes are the unsung heroes of any big rig. When they are working fine, no one notices them. Once they are having issues? The tune quickly changes. Is there any squealing or vibration when the brakes are being pressed? If so, this is a sure sign that they need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Have the checkup as soon as this potential issue presents itself. There is no reason to wait in these instances. The trucker will save untold amounts of money and downtime by being as proactive as possible.

Drive In the Correct Manner

Truck drivers are often the cause of their own issues because they do not drive their rigs in the correct manner. For starters, the posted speed limit needs to be observed at all times. By taking the time to follow the state and federal regulations that have already been put into place, drivers can save themselves all sorts of time and hassle.

Avoid Harsh Weather Conditions

A driver’s willingness to power through inclement conditions may be admirable, but it is not good for the long-term health and wellness of the truck. When bad weather has become a factor, this means that it is time for the driver to get off the road. A temporary stoppage in the present is far more palatable than a longer stretch of unwanted downtime in the future.

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