Four Tasks That You Must Complete Before Contacting a 24-Hour Wrecker Service

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Here at Complete Truck Service Inc., we hear from people all the time who need wrecker service now. They are generally in a dire emergency and can’t wait for us to show up to get them out of a bind. This is because we deal primarily with big-rig trucks that are trying to get back on the road to deliver their loads. 

The Towing Can’t Wait

You wouldn’t believe the number of times a semi-truck breaks down in the Wytheville, VA area that we operate in. Suddenly, we are getting a call from a dispatcher somewhere wanting to know what we can do to provide service to that unit and the driver. Fortunately, we have 24-hour roadside assistance for your semi-truck whenever you need it. We don’t want you ever to fear that you won’t get the service you need! We are there to help people in all kinds of circumstances, and we pride ourselves on working around the clock so that trucks can get where they need to go on time. It is not as though trucking has normal office hours! 

4 Tasks To Complete Before Calling

We always encourage people to take a step back and make sure they have accomplished some basics before calling us. It is not that we don’t want their business; it is just that we want to ensure that we are not the first call that they make. If there is a way that we can save them from having to call us out in the first place, then we want to offer that to our customers. After all, it may be the case that they can save money by taking some of these precautionary steps:

  • Identify the suspected nature of the problem – Do a quick walkaround to see what you think is going on with the truck.
  • Call your dispatch team (if you have one).
  • Discuss the issue with them – They may have some suggestions for how to fix minor issues.
  • Check for spare parts in your cab – Sometimes, it is possible to fix the issue on your own.

We Will Come to You and Get You Out Quickly

Go ahead, call another service. They will tell you that their wait time is three hours or more in all likelihood. You will be sitting on the side of the road burning up precious driver hours just waiting on a tow truck to get out to them. That is unacceptable, and that is why we don’t put our customers in a situation like that. We are all about delivering the help that people need right when they need it, and that means making sure we clear the decks to get our units out to customers when they need our help. 

We sincerely appreciate the repeat business that we get from customers, but we know that it is only possible to get this if we maintain a great reputation with our customers, and that is why we go above and beyond to be helpful. 

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