Get Your Rig Ready for Spring With These 4 Tips

March 6, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Spring is upon us, and making sure your rig is ready for the road and ready for the warmer weather is vital. Knowing what you need to do to get your rig ready for the spring can help you cut down on issues and keep your truck out on the road. You can do a few things to get your rig ready for the spring.

Do a Basic Check

The first thing you should do regarding spring maintenance for your semi-truck is to perform some basic checks. This means checking things like the oil, filters, belts, spark plugs, tires and more. You should check your transmission and other fluid levels to ensure that your truck will function the way it needs to when you get out on the road. Fluids can change levels and consistency in a very short time, and moving through seasons this is an important thing to keep in mind.

Remove Ghost Codes

The next thing you can do when you service your semi-truck this spring is to make sure that you clear any codes showing up on your dash. These can be codes that might be hard to diagnose during the winter months. They can be codes that are not important, not serious, or that do need to be taken care of but that you might not be able to during the winter.

Replace All Air Filters

This is another important thing to keep in mind. You can change out your cabin air filter to help ensure that your filter will be clean and that things like pollen are not present. Fresh filters will guarantee that you have fresh air in your cabin.

You also need to ensure that you change the engine air filter to ensure your engine gets the right amount of air while running.

Change Out Parts that Need Replacing

Spring is a time to take care of repairs you have been putting off through the winter and get your truck back in working order. Taking the time to take care of things you might have put off during the winter is a must in the spring and is a great time to really give your truck a once-over before you get out on the road and potentially have bigger issues.

It is always best to take the time to make sure your truck is in as good of shape as possible to ensure that you are not going to have issues, get stranded, or have more significant problems that are going to make it hard to stay on the road.

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