Four Reasons Why You Should Buy a Winterfront for Your Semi-truck

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A winterfront is a protective cover for your grill. Many are made from an insulated and durable fabric that snaps into place. Adjustable winterfronts enable you to adjust how big an air opening the grill has to send air to the engine compartment. Other winterfronts might be made from metal and contain openings to enable airflow.

The following are four reasons to make a winterfront one of the essential parts for your semi-truck.

1. Easier Starting

A winterfront reduces the amount of freezing air that gets to your engine. When you park your rig overnight during cold winter weather, the engine can get very cold. The colder the engine is, the harder it is to turn over. The winterfront blocks much of the cold air that would get to the engine through the grill. That makes it easier to start your semi-truck in the morning.

2. Improved Fuel Economy

Diesel prices are high and likely going to stay that way for at least an extended period. A winterfront helps to fight the cost of high fuel prices by directing the colder air to where you need it. It can also block the cold air from getting to the parts that need to run at warmer temperatures. The result is a better running engine with improved fuel economy during the cold winter months.

3. Better Warmth in Winter

A frigidly cold winter’s day might cause you to struggle to get hot air flowing through your rig’s heater. And a cold trucker is a miserable trucker, because the freight still needs to move. A winterfront enables the engine to heat up and provide the heater with the kind of hot air needed to keep your semi-truck warm and cozy while traveling through the coldest of winter weather.

4. All-Year Protection for the Radiator and Engine

A winterfront can work throughout the year by protecting the grill and the equipment behind it from damage. Flying stones and other road debris could get kicked up by another vehicle’s tires. A winterfront can prevent them from flying through the grill and damaging your engine and parts.

You can buy a winterfront today and easily mount it onto the front end of your semi-truck. Then you can enjoy the many great benefits of a winterfront for your rig. A winterfront takes only a few minutes to install and can last for many years.

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