Does My Semi-truck Need New Snow Tires After the Winter?

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During the cold winter months, snow and ice can create hazardous road conditions. While this can be challenging for any motorist, it can be even more difficult for semi-truck operators as the significant weight of the truck can make them harder to control. One way that you can get more control over your semi-truck is by investing in semi-truck snow tires. You may want to determine whether you need to replace your winter tires for the semi-truck at the end of winter. There are various factors that you can consider to help determine if you need new snow tires.

Measure Tread

When you determine if your snow tires can be used again or need to be replaced, you need to first measure the tread. Semi-truck snow tires need to have a deep tread to ensure they can provide adequate grip during challenging road conditions. It is important to check the manual of the tires to see what the ideal tread depth is. If the tread is too shallow, the tires will likely need to be replaced.

Wear and Tear

Another factor to consider as you decide whether you should replace your snow tires for your semi-truck is if there is a lot of wear and tear. A semi-truck will get a lot of use during the winter months. This can lead to a lot of depreciation on the tires of the truck. If they look worn, are showing signs of air loss, or you are having challenges retaining a certain level of air pressure, it is important to have the tires replaced.

Compliance With Maintenance

Whenever you drive a semi-truck, it is important that you stay current with all of your maintenance needs. A big part of this is having the tires rotated regularly. When you have your tires rotated on schedule, it can help ensure that they wear down evenly. Ultimately, this will help extend the life of the entire set of tires. If you have stayed current with the recommended maintenance schedule, it could allow you to use the tires again. 

Miles Driven

All semi-truck tires are designed to last for a certain amount of time and miles. You should ensure that you are monitoring the miles driven on your new set of winter tires. If you have started to exceed the amount of recommended miles, it may be wise to get a new set of winter tires. This can help ensure you will have the necessary support and traction for your truck during cold conditions. 

Snow tires provide a lot of support for semi-trucks. At the end of winter, you will have to decide whether to keep these tires or get rid of them and invest in a new set the next year. Various tips can help you determine if you should replace these tires. 

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