How to Prepare Yourself for CDL Driving This Winter

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It’s important for every driver to be especially careful during the winter months, especially commercial driver’s license (CDL) drivers. Icy roads and inclement weather can make driving a large truck difficult, which is why preparing your CDL for the winter is extremely important.

Below, we provide many tips on how to prepare yourself for CDL driving this winter. Use them to keep yourself and all other drivers as safe as possible this winter:

  • Stock up on the right supplies: There are certain supplies you’ll want to keep in your semi truck at all times, including a flashlight, phone charger and water. There are a few extra supplies you’ll want to bring along in the winter, including heavy blankets and cold-weather clothing. You should also restock on all your other supplies in case you get stuck in bad weather.
  • Bring your truck in for a tune-up: An essential part of preparing your CDL vehicle for the winter is having an experienced mechanic check everything. It’s important that all components work at maximum efficiency, including the battery, cooling system, windshield wipers and fuel filters. A mechanic can also point out any problems that need repairing before you hit the road.
  • Pay special attention to your tires: It’s always dangerous to drive with worn-down tires but especially so during winter. Be sure your tires have plenty of tread left on them before hitting the road. This will help ensure you can brake properly, preventing the potential to slide. Preparing your CDL truck for winter should always include checking the tires.
  • Invest in snow chains: It’s often a good idea to invest in snow chains, especially if you know that you’ll be driving through a snowy area. Bring snow chains with you, and install them if necessary.
  • Always check the weather: Proper planning can help keep you out of dangerous situations this winter—that means always checking the weather for any area you plan on driving through. Since weather can sometimes change at the drop of a hat, it’s important to prepare for any situation.
  • Pull over if necessary: If the road seems a bit too dangerous or if you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle, pull over as soon as possible. You should never risk driving in a dangerous situation, even when trying to stick to a schedule. Pull over in a safe spot, and either wait out the bad weather or call roadside service.

Stay safe this winter

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for CDL driving this winter, get started. The road can be a dangerous place when you aren’t properly prepared. This winter, keep yourself and other drivers safe by practicing proper, safe driving techniques and maintaining your vehicle.

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