Getting in the Holiday Spirit as a Truck Driver

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Spending the holidays as a truck driver can sometimes be difficult. Since they spend so much time on the road, many people wonder, “How do CDL drivers get through the holidays?”

Having to be away from your loved ones is especially hard during the holidays. In an effort to help out, we’re providing plenty of tips for beating the holiday blues below.

Bring someone along

Spending the holidays as a truck driver doesn’t always have to be lonely. If you’re worried about missing your family during the holidays, why not bring one of them along? Near the holidays, most children get a break from school. Ask one of your children if they’d like to keep you company on your next trip.

Be sure to obtain a passenger permit before bringing one of your family members along for your next delivery. If none of your human family members are able to join you, consider bringing a well-behaved pet. Most truck stops feature areas for pets to run around and use the bathroom.

Decorate your truck

It’ll be impossible to not stay in the holiday spirit if you decorate your truck. Hang lights, tinsel or anything else that reminds you of holidays with your family. Some people go all out and cover their entire truck in holiday lights. You could even make decorating your truck a new, fun holiday tradition for you and your family. Certain decorations will not only lift your spirits but the spirits of other drivers as well.

Listen to your favorite holiday music

The right holiday song can bring you back to a great holiday memory. It’s almost impossible to not find a radio station exclusively playing holiday music in December. You could also find a holiday music compilation at your local CD store or download a playlist to your phone.

Video chat with your family

When you get a chance to stop, video chat with your loved ones. While video chatting isn’t quite the same as being with your family in person, it can help get you through the rest of your delivery.

How do CDL drivers get through the holidays?

There are many methods commercial driver’s license (CDL) drivers could use to keep their spirits up this holiday season. Use the tips mentioned above, and spending the holidays as a truck driver won’t seem as lonely. If you’re a CDL driver, hopefully the list above helped you determine how to get through the holidays.

It’s important to practice proper safety when driving a semi truck, especially during the holiday season. The colder weather could bring about icy roads and other potential dangers. That’s why you should always bring your truck to a reputable auto shop before hitting the road in winter. Let them give your truck a good tune-up, so you can stay as safe as possible this holiday season.

If you’re in need of truck repairs or maintenance, visit Complete Truck Service, Inc. We have a team of excellent mechanics who can give your truck a proper tune-up in no time. Contact us today to inquire about services.

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