Predatory Towing Exists: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Unfortunately, there are some less-than-honorable towing companies out there who try to take advantage of their customers. We call these companies predatory towing companies because they prey on their customers just like predatory animals.

This post will cover what predatory towing is and how you can avoid falling victim to these unethical companies.

What is predatory towing?

Predatory towing companies are towing firms that use unethical (and sometimes even illegal) towing practices to take advantage of customers to make a quick buck. Predatory towing companies will do everything from towing cars legally parked on private property to over-changing drivers stranded on the side of the road.

How to protect yourself from unethical towing

Although it’s difficult to protect yourself from predatory tow trucks that haul cars away from legally-parked spots, you can protect yourself from these bad guys when you hire a tow truck. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Call your insurance company first: The first way to avoid predatory towing when you’re stranded after a breakdown is to call your insurance company ASAP. Your insurance provider won’t lead you astray and will give you a list of reputable towing companies in your area that can tow you back to a repair shop.
  • Determine whether you need to be towed: Some predatory towing companies will try to convince you that you must have your car towed after an accident. While bad wrecks often necessitate a tow, that’s not the case across the board. If your vehicle doesn’t have any fluid leaks and your car is running, you can often make it to a repair shop without any assistance.
  • Beware of tow trucks that are too fast: Ideally, your tow truck will show up as fast as possible to tow your truck back to a repair shop, but if a truck comes around before you even call someone, watch out. Driving around looking for accidents is a predatory towing practice, and these companies are likely going to pull a fast one on you.
  • Review the contract: Towing companies are required to hand customers a contract to sign with an itemized invoice before towing any vehicle. Make sure you read this contract thoroughly and understand all of the charges before letting them load your car onto the flatbed. Never sign a blank contract because you’re going to wind up in a tough spot.
  • Choose your repair shop: All towing companies are also required to let you choose your mechanic. If the tow truck driver tells you that they can only take you to one particular repair shop, tell the driver to get lost.

Never fall victim to predatory towing again

The best way to protect yourself from unethical towing is to hire Complete Truck Service, Inc. We’re a licensed operator offering 24/7 emergency towing services in Wytheville, VA. Contact our team the next time you’re stuck in a tough spot, and rest easy knowing we’ll charge a fair price to get your car back to a mechanic.

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