How to Pick the Right Wrecker Service

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You have plenty of towing companies to choose from when you’re stranded on the side of the road after an accident or when you break down and need a tow—but not all wrecker services are created equal, and choosing the wrong company could be a waste of time or cost you a fortune.

The good news is that finding a reputable towing company isn’t all that difficult if you follow these tips on the right type of wrecker service.

Remain calm

You’re likely going to be a bit panicked after an accident, but our first tip is to stay calm. Making fast decisions by calling the first wrecker service you find can be a regret. Take a few minutes to calm your nerves and set your mind straight before dialing a towing company.

Check the service area

You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road all night—that’s both dangerous and inconvenient. Next on the list of our tips on the right type of wrecker service is to call a 24/7 towing company that has drivers in your area. The faster a driver can reach you, the quicker you can get back to safety.

Ask about their fleet

Having a tow truck operator nearby doesn’t do much good if they don’t have the right equipment to haul your vehicle. When talking with the company on the phone, describe your vehicle, and make sure they have the right tow truck to meet your needs.

At Complete Truck Service, Inc., we have three heavy-duty tow trucks, one medium-duty tow truck and a 65-ton sliding rotator. Our full line of equipment makes us one of the top wrecker service options in the area.

Look for a company with a five-star rating

Online reviews say a lot about a company. Before calling a towing company, take a quick look online to see what former customers have said about working with the company in question. Needless to say, if they have anything but a four- or five-star rating, think twice before working with them.

Pay attention to customer service

Customer service is everything in the tow truck industry. If the dispatcher is rude when answering your call or if anything seems off about the way they speak to you, we advise hanging up and calling a different company. Working with a rude team will only lead to frustration in the long run.

Ask about their payment methods

Double-check that the towing company accepts multiple forms of payment before agreeing to work with them. If they’re a cash-only business and you only have a credit card on you, you’ll just be wasting your time and theirs.

Look no further than our team

If you need a fast tow at a fair price in Wytheville, VA, be sure to hire Complete Truck Service, Inc. As we mentioned, we have a wide range of fleet vehicles capable of towing any sized car, SUV or even semi truck. Plus, our fair prices make us one of your best wrecker service options.

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