Who’s Responsible When Tire Blowouts Happen?

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From negligence to defects, tire blowouts happen for a number of reasons. After ensuring everyone is safe after a blowout, one of the first questions that comes up is who’s at fault. The answer isn’t always immediately clear. Keep reading to learn more about where responsibility falls regarding tire blowouts with semi trucks:

  • Drivers: Since they’re the ones operating the truck, drivers are the first line of defense against tire blowouts. Drivers should inspect their tires before each trip to safeguard against the possibility of a blowout. If it’s found that the blowout is due to worn or neglected tires, the driver is the one at fault.
  • Trucking companies: If a truck driver works for a trucking firm, the onus is on the company to inspect the trucks for safety and replace worn tires that could fail. The trucking company is liable for blowouts if there’s evidence that they neglected to maintain their vehicles.
  • Maintenance companies: Trucking firms have a lot on their plates. Often, they contract out their maintenance duties to other professionals who oversee truck maintenance. These mechanics are supposed to be the ones replacing tires and inspecting for safety flaws. If tire blowouts with semi trucks occur on their watch, they’re the ones responsible.
  • Manufacturers: Fundamental flaws in tires aren’t always apparent with standard inspections and maintenance. If there are hidden manufacturing defects that result in blowouts, tire manufacturers are the ones to blame. Manufacturers are supposed to issue recalls when defects are found, but that doesn’t always happen in time.

Preventing tire blowouts

As we touched on above, tire blowouts are often avoidable. Here’s how to better ensure you never experience a blowout while you’re on the road:

  • Inspect tires regularly: Safety with tire blowouts starts with regular tire inspections. Before hitting the road, all drivers need to inspect their tire pressure and check the tread depth. Underinflated tires should be pumped up to the proper levels, and the tires should be replaced if the tread is low or if they’re showing other signs of wear.
  • Replace tires as needed: Speaking of replacement, that’s essential in preventing a blowout. Trucking companies or trucking maintenance technicians should be aware of a tire’s mileage and be vigilant about replacing tires that are nearing the end of their lifespan. Even if the tire tread is still acceptable or isn’t showing signs of aging, the tires should be replaced every few years.
  • Choose a reliable maintenance shop: If you rely on a maintenance company to perform your truck work, be sure to choose a reputable one! Quality mechanics know what to look for in worn tires and will replace them as needed. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that the new tire will be installed properly, further reducing the chance of a mid-trip blowout.

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