The Pros and Cons of Using Salvage Yards to Find Heavy-Duty Truck Parts

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When your truck has a worn or broken part, what’s the best way to fix the problem without spending a bundle? If you’re used to doing your own heavy duty truck repairs, heading to the salvage yards might just save you some money. As long as you know exactly what kind of part you need and which trucks are most likely to have it, getting semi-truck parts at a salvage yard in Wytheville, VA may be a good solution. It’s usually cheaper than retail—if you can find what you need, and if the part is in decent shape.

What is a salvage yard?

Salvage, junk and scrap yards are all different. Junk yards are a collection of (you guessed it) junk, often placed haphazardly wherever it will fit. Since they’re not organized, it’s usually hard to find what you want—although it’s entirely possible you can score a deal if you’re willing to look long enough. Scrap yards are full of recyclable materials, so the supply is usually refreshed periodically. However, they rarely have used parts.

Salvage yards are organized so people can find similar cars, trucks, appliances and machinery, then pick them apart for used parts. This is the best option if you’re targeting a specific item.

Pros and cons of using salvage yards

Here are the pros and cons of using salvage yards to find heavy-duty truck parts:

  • Pro: It’s cheaper: If you use retailers to get the parts you need, you’ll pay full price. Since heavy-duty truck part costs can vary wildly in Wytheville, VA, sometimes it’s a much better option to get a gently used part.
  • Con: You’re more likely to get a damaged part: The flipside to the above is that you’re more likely to get a damaged part from a salvage yard. Some wear and tear is to be expected, but hidden damage and stresses can make that cheap part downright dangerous—unless you know exactly what to look for.
  • Pro: You might find the perfect fit: If your vehicles are on the older side, you may be able to find a better match—or even a perfect fit—for your truck.
  • Con: You’ll spend more time looking for it: There’s no guarantee that a salvage yard will have what you need, however, and you may spend a lot of time looking for it, only to leave empty-handed.
  • Pro: You’ll get a greater sense of satisfaction: There’s something to be said for going out to a salvage yard, finding the right part at a lower price and triumphantly bringing it back to the shop.
  • Con: You need to bring your own tools and supplies: However, you will need to bring your own tools—and something to carry the (dirty) part home with you.

Finding the right heavy-duty truck parts in Wytheville, VA is possible when you visit salvage yards. Alternatively, you can call Complete Truck Service, Inc. for assistance. We can help you find the semi-truck parts you need, as well as get them installed in your truck.

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