Things to Consider When Recruiting Semi-Truck Owner-Operators

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It’s important that your Wytheville, VA business hire the best semi-truck owner-operators available. This means finding trustworthy drivers with plenty of experience. The recruitment process for semi-truck drivers can vary, but mostly involves creating a good ad and being upfront about pay and expectations. Once you have a list of potential drivers, it’s important to check their qualifications as well as the quality of their vehicle.

Recruiting a good semi-truck owner-operator for your Wytheville, VA trucking company might seem a bit challenging at first, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Read on for more information on things to look for when recruiting drivers.

Finding new drivers

Hiring semi-truck owner-operators is similar to hiring any other employee in that it all starts with a good job posting. While some businesses choose to reach out to good drivers, it’s usually best to have them come to you. This means utilizing multiple online resources, including social media and job posting sites. There are even several online job boards specifically for truckers.

When creating your job posting, it’s good to be informative. Many drivers avoid contacting businesses that don’t include pay or company information on their job postings. Make sure your job qualifications are clear and be upfront about the benefits you’re offering.

Every business is different. Think about what makes yours stand out and put that in the job posting.

Check their background

Even if a truck driver’s application looks good, it’s important to check their background as well. Every semi-truck driver is required to have a commercial driver’s license, or CDL. Additional certifications might be required, depending on the type of materials your business transports. Either way, it’s good to hire someone with plenty of experience and a semi-truck that fits your needs. It’s also good to be sure that the driver has kept up with truck repairs and maintenance.

Perform background checks on all potential hires before bringing them on board. These background checks will show if the driver has any past run-ins with the law, which might include DUIs or other driving violations.

Speak candidly with potential drivers

Once you have a list of interested drivers, sit down for a conversation with them. This will help both you and the driver get a sense of each other’s needs and wants. During this part of the process, you can also determine whether the driver has the right skills for the job. Through one or more conversations with a potential driver, you can find out if they have patience, flexibility and consistency. You can also determine if they’ll be trustworthy and easy to work with.

It’s best that you ask potential drivers how they react under pressure. Accidents can sometimes occur, so it’s good to have someone on staff who knows how to handle these incidents. Consider asking how they’ve responded to accidents in the past.

Finding the perfect semi-truck owner-operator for your Wytheville, VA business requires patience and good research skills. Don’t rush the process and you’re sure to find a great addition to your team.

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