Spring Driving Tips for Truckers

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Now that the springtime is in full swing, it’s important that all truckers are prepared. This means being aware of the weather and temperature changes that affect roads during spring. The season also brings new life, which means there’s more wildlife to watch out for. Even though road conditions during spring are usually safer than during the winter, it’s always good to keep your guard up.

One of the best ways to ensure your truck is ready for spring is to have routine maintenance performed on your vehicle. If you’re a semi-truck driver in Wytheville, VA looking for more driving tips, read on!

Keep up with maintenance

As mentioned above, it’s important to take your truck to a shop for routine maintenance. The right truck repair service provider will give your vehicle a close inspection. During this inspection, they’ll look for any possible issues, which could include both engine and electrical problems. Even if you haven’t recently had any issues with your truck, having it inspected before making a long trip is always a good idea.

There are also things you can do on your own to make sure your truck runs at optimal efficiency. Keep an eye on the fluid levels and be aware of any signs that a repair is needed. Having repairs taken care of as soon as possible can prevent them from becoming too expensive.

Check your tires

Another essential part of truck maintenance is routinely checking your tires. Tires on big rigs experience wear and tear over time, just like with any other vehicle. A tire whose tread has gotten too low can blow out on the road, which sometimes results in a serious accident. It’s also important to ensure your tires are always properly filled.

When replacing your tires, be sure to only purchase replacements that are high-quality and built to last.

Watch the road

There’s often a prevalence of potholes and road damage during the spring months due to winter road maintenance. Snowplows, salt and other forms of winter maintenance can all cause major damage to roads. A bad pothole could cause a tire blowout or worse.

Spring also brings out more people and wildlife. Areas with a lot of bikers, joggers and wildlife are often marked with signs. This isn’t always the case, though. That’s why it’s important to check carefully before making any large maneuvers. You never know when a creature could pop out of the woods and cause a distraction.

Check the local weather

Rain is quite prevalent in certain areas during spring. Storms bring on a new set of challenges, as you’ll need to avoid any large puddles. Your ability to see is also often affected during heavy rain, which is why you should always check your windshield wipers before hitting the road. Hailstorms and heavy wind are also common issues during spring. Knowing the local weather beforehand will allow you to properly prepare for your trip.

Consider all these semi-truck driving tips before making your next trip out of Wytheville, VA. If you’re looking for more trucker tips, or are in need of repairs, contact Complete Truck Service, Inc. today!

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