What Are the Differences Between Semi Trucks and Tow Trucks?

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You’ve seen both semi trucks and tow trucks out on the road frequently. While both are common vehicles, they serve different purposes. They also go by many different names, which may make things a bit more confusing. We’ll go through the differences between towing a semi truck and a tow truck in Wytheville, VA, as well as the differences between light-duty and heavy-duty towing.

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What is a semi truck?

This is a term that’s often thrown around in different variations, from just “semi” to “tractor trailer.” Semi-trailers are those without a front axle. These are usually used to transport goods and don’t supply any power of their own. This is where a tractor or truck comes in, hence the “tractor trailer.” Semis have wheels in the back and are hooked up to a towing vehicle.

What is a tow truck?

These can also be called wreckers, breakdown trucks and recovery vehicles. In cases where a vehicle is totaled or inoperable, then a tow truck arrives on the scene to transport it. They’re also used to tow vehicles that are illegally parked or are being repossessed. There are many different kinds of tow trucks, including flatbeds, integrated tow trucks and wheel-lift tow trucks.

Light-duty vs. heavy-duty towing

Light-duty towing includes things like removing abandoned vehicles and recovering vehicles from relatively minor accidents. This work usually involves sedans and smaller cars. Tow trucks that are sent out for these jobs are appropriately sized for the work.

In contrast, heavy-duty towing is for larger vehicles and involves a larger tow truck. The vehicles needed for this work require both the torque and the horsepower to get the job done. Heavy-duty tow trucks are used for the biggest jobs and are capable of carrying the heaviest loads. These kinds of trucks include a six-ton wheel lift, a winch and a 25-ton boom lift. Knowing which truck is right for which job is an essential feature of a high-quality towing service.

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