Roadside Assistance and Diagnostic Tools: What to Know About Our Services

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At Complete Truck Service, Inc., one of the services we are proud to provide is roadside assistance. If you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road, we’re happy to come out and provide a range of services to get you moving again as quickly as possible.

There’s no need to sit around and wait for another company to send out a tow truck. We know you have places to be, and we’re capable of getting your vehicle back up and running on the spot so you can be on your way to your destination.

Here’s a quick overview of the roadside services we’re happy to provide to our customers in the Wytheville, VA area, including auto diagnostic testing:

  • Lockout services: If you accidentally locked your keys in your vehicle, or lost your keys and it’s impossible for you to get back inside, it’s no problem! We’re able to open up your locks quickly without damaging them so you can get access to your vehicle quickly. If you just left your keys inside, this means you can be on your way quickly. If you lost your keys, you’ll at least be able to get back some of your important items so you can get a replacement made.
  • Jumpstarts: If it’s a dead battery that’s got you sitting on the side of the road, our crews are capable of coming out and giving you a jump to get your vehicle going again. They’ll also inspect the battery to make sure it isn’t dead or dying so you can be certain it’s safe to get back on the road.
  • Tire services: Have a flat, blowout or puncture? Tire issues can make it difficult for you to get back out on the highway, but our team will come out, assess the damage and get you a replacement so you can get back on the road and keep within a reasonable schedule.

Our diagnostic equipment and approaches

Technological advances in vehicle diagnostic testing in Wytheville, VA have made it possible for mobile mechanics to provide more and higher-level services right on the side of the road rather than having to tow vehicles all the way to the shop. Complete Truck Service, Inc. has an advantage over many other roadside service providers due to our emphasis on using mobile OEM diagnostic testing equipment. This allows us to test problems in a wide range of critical systems.

Most companies do not bring diagnostic equipment out on a roadside service call, which means there’s a much higher potential for the vehicle to be towed if the mechanics can’t determine the problem themselves. Having this diagnostic equipment on hand allows us to identify the problem right there so we can make a faster repair and get you on your way again.

Interested in learning more about our roadside assistance services and the diagnostic tools we use during roadside assistance calls in Wytheville, VA? We encourage you to contact Complete Truck Service, Inc. with any questions you have.

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