What Parts on a Truck Are Replaced Most Often?

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Beneath the hood of every truck lies a complex network of moving parts that are all necessary for high performance. Most truck parts need little repair, while others break down after only a few years. Keep an eye out for wear and tear on these most often replaced truck parts and remember to schedule inspections with a Wytheville, VA car mechanic.


A vehicle’s clutch is responsible for rotating tires at the appropriate speed. Clutches wear down over time and will eventually make it dangerous to drive your truck on the road. Your truck needs regular maintenance from a Wytheville, VA auto specialist so the clutch lasts for as long as possible.

The clutch on a commercial truck lasts an average of 200,000 miles before it’s due for a replacement. However, you can extend the clutch’s lifespan with modified driving behaviors. Don’t ride the clutch, and make a smooth transition from one gear to the next. Your foot should remain off the clutch when not in use to avoid excessive wear and tear.

Brake pads

It comes as no surprise that brake pads are one of the most often replaced truck parts. Even with proper maintenance, you can expect to replace brake pads once every three to five years. Brake pads are a vital safety feature because they help you stop on a dime and avoid collisions with other vehicles.

You’ll have to replace the brake pads more frequently if heavy traffic forces you to stop numerous times during your average route. One way to extend the life of your brake pads is to allow plenty of room between your truck and other vehicles. Gradually coming to a halt is much better than slamming on the brake pedal.


Based on the sheer amount of tire debris that litters the highway, it’s safe to assume that tires top the list for truck parts that are most repaired. On average, a fresh set of heavy-duty truck tires will last you 100,000 miles. Truck drivers should anticipate getting new tires pretty often if they transport goods across long distances.

The best way to avoid a blowout on the highway is by scheduling regular truck maintenance. This allows you to replace the tires before they have a chance of failing in the middle of your route. Seek a car mechanic in Wytheville, VA right away if your truck’s tires wear down unevenly or show other signs of visible damage.


The purpose of headlights is obvious—they improve visibility during the night and in dangerous weather conditions. However, you might not have known that headlights are among the truck parts that need the most repair. Every once in a while, check your headlights for signs of dimness or flickering. A little bit of maintenance will prevent you from getting caught in a storm with faulty headlights.

Every truck driver has to replace these components at some point, and with help from Complete Truck Service, Inc., your truck will operate at the top of its game and outperform all your competitors. Our auto repair specialists conduct regular maintenance on commercial trucks and supply the most often replaced truck parts, making our garage a one-stop shop for all your vehicle’s needs. Call today to schedule service.

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