What Are Different Types of Trucker Pay?

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Every trucker knows driving isn’t the typical 9-to-5 job. Trucking companies in Wytheville, VA offer different kinds of truck driver pay based on what each delivery trip entails. Here are some of the most common payment methods and factors that determine which ways truckers are paid.

Shortest and practical miles

Among all the different kinds of truck driver pay, most drivers receive paychecks based on their mileage. Trucking companies calculate a driver’s paycheck according to either shortest or practical miles. As the name suggests, shortest miles refers to the shortest distance between two locations. Some carriers use this method to save money, even if a truck’s odometer proves the driver travelled more miles than what’s specified on their paycheck. Practical miles gives a more accurate record of the actual miles driven because it complies with legal truck routes.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates are typically viewed as more reliable than other forms of trucker pay. Unlike pay by the mile, truck drivers are compensated for work other than hauling loads on the highway. Pay by the hour covers time spent unloading goods and interacting with customers at their stops. Truck drivers who are paid based on the mileage of each trip might consider applying for an hourly rate if they suspect the company is shorting their pay with shortest mile routing.

Pay per day

This kind of truck driver pay supplements a mileage or hourly rate. Pay per day is a fixed stipend allotted to drivers so they don’t have to pay out of pocket for expenses like food and gas. Not all trucking companies in Wytheville, VA pay per day. However, drivers might be able to deduct a fraction of their income to compensate for paying out of pocket at rest stops. Which way a trucker is paid depends heavily on the carrier they drive for.

Accessorial pay

Similar to hourly rates, accessorial pay compensates drivers who regularly assist with tasks over and above time spent behind the wheel. Responsibilities might include packaging goods, wait time at tolls, no-dock deliveries and hauling loads outside traditional working hours. Trucking companies in Wytheville, VA distribute accessorial pay alongside hourly or mileage rates if these additional tasks occupy only a small portion of the driver’s work day.

Safety bonuses

On top of which ways truckers are paid, some carriers dole out safety bonuses on a yearly basis to drivers who make an effort to reduce their miles per gallon. Conscientious drivers are rewarded for their level of safety because such precautions save money for the carrier. Safety bonuses aren’t a universal custom among all carriers, so they’re often a sign that you drive for a good trucking company.

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