Roadside Assistance Services Need Truck Maintenance, Too!

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A tow truck or a roadside repair service can be a lifesaver when you experience a breakdown in the middle of the road. But what happens when the trucks responsible for repairs have issues themselves? That’s where we come into play!

At Complete Truck Service, Inc., we specialize in repairing and maintaining fleet vehicles. This post will cover the benefits of bringing in fleet vehicles for roadside assistance truck maintenance in Wytheville, VA.

Prevent breakdowns

Scheduling commercial truck maintenance can prevent all sorts of different problems under the hood. During your regular inspection, your mechanic will pore over every inch of the truck to ensure everything looks as it should.

For best results, we recommend keeping all of your fleet vehicles on the same preventative maintenance schedule. This way, you’ll always know that all of your trucks are in tip-top shape.

Save money

Keeping all of your trucks on a tight maintenance schedule isn’t free. However, paying for roadside assistance truck maintenance in Wytheville, VA is a whole lot cheaper than making emergency repairs. Constantly repairing broken-down trucks can cost a fortune—and all of that wasted money is preventable by bringing the trucks in for a routine checkup.

Ensure customers satisfaction

You may have problems with your business if you have a truck or two in the repair shop. Without a full fleet, your wait times for providing roadside assistance can increase, leading to unhappy customers. To keep everyone happy and your response times fast, schedule routine maintenance for your whole truck fleet.

Protect drivers

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule doesn’t just protect the trucks—it also helps keep your drivers safe. Well-maintained trucks are safer and also less likely to suffer a breakdown on the side of the road, so keep your employees out of harm’s way by setting up a maintenance inspection for your whole fleet today!

Who ensures truck driver safety?

It’s true that inspecting and maintaining trucks can protect your drivers behind the wheel, but your truck mechanics aren’t the only ones watching out for drivers. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also help ensure drivers are safe while on the job. To safeguard against overlapping regulations, OSHA vs. DOT have different jurisdictions for drivers in Wytheville, VA.

OSHA oversees driver safety for everything that takes place off the road, like fleet maintenance, while the DOT has authority over the drivers who are out on the job. Together, the two governing bodies protect everyone in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.

Call Complete Truck Service, Inc. when you’re in need

The next time you have roadside troubles, be sure to contact Complete Truck Service, Inc. We’ll send someone to your location right away to give you a tow or fix your truck on the spot. In addition to providing 24-hour roadside assistance, you can rest easy knowing that our drivers understand and adhere to all applicable OSHA and DOT safety regulations in Wytheville, VA. We’re as prepared to take care of our own vehicles as we are to care for yours!

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