Is My Wheel Damaged?

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Your vehicle’s wheels play a crucial role in getting you safely from point A to point B each day. So, when there’s any damage to a wheel, it needs to be addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. Rim damage in Wytheville, VA takes many forms, though. This post will cover a few of the top signs that you may have wheel damage and how you can avoid it:

  • Visible damage: Seeing the damage with your own two eyes is the leading indicator that something’s wrong. Aluminum rims are actually quite easy to bend, especially if you run over a curb, so this visible damage isn’t all that uncommon.
  • Vibrations: If your front wheels get damaged, your truck may start to vibrate or shake while you’re driving down the road. Of course, these vibrations could mean there’s a problem elsewhere, so you’ll want to have your vehicle inspected by a pro to figure out exactly what’s going on.
  • Loss of tire pressure: A bent rim often causes an air leak in the tire, so if you’re constantly airing up your tires, you may want to have a professional inspect your rims. We’re willing to bet that one of them is bent and needs to be replaced.
  • Flat tire symptoms: Bent or damaged rims can make it feel like you’re driving on a flat tire. You may notice a thumping sound while driving, your car pulling to the side or poor fuel economy. If any of these have happened to you, you need to see a pro about getting new wheels.
  • Poor braking: When rims are severely damaged, it makes the brakes less effective. You may have a harder time coming to a full stop, which is clearly not safe. So, if you’re still wondering, “Should I replace a damaged wheel?” the answer is yes, for your own safety and wellbeing in Wytheville, VA.

Top causes of damaged wheels

Rims don’t just get damaged out of the blue—there are a few leading causes that result in a need for wheel replacement. Here are a few of the top ways people damage their rims:

  • Driving on a flat tire: Even if it’s just for a few miles, driving on a flat tire is not a good idea. The weight from the vehicle can crush the rim, making your car or truck unsafe to operate. Instead of proceeding, pull over and call a tow truck.
  • Going over a curb: Whether you drive over it directly or scrape your wheels against it, curbs are another top cause of rim damage in Wytheville, VA. If you suspect you hit a curb, we recommend getting out and inspecting your wheel before you continue on down the road.
  • Potholes: Those dastardly potholes cause all sorts of vehicle problems, but they’re particularly notorious for bending rims and causing flat tires. Watch out for potholes while driving, and always try to avoid them to prevent a wheel catastrophe.

Damaged wheel? Come see our team

The answer to whether you should replace a damaged wheel in Wytheville, VA is obviously yes. However, doing so isn’t a DIY job. If your wheel is damaged or your car just isn’t driving like it should be, bring it to Complete Truck Service, Inc. From wheels to clutches, we have a large inventory of parts to ensure your vehicle runs its best.

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