Real-Life Trucking Horror Stories

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Like any job, trucking in Wytheville, VA has its share of horrors and nightmares. It’s not just bad drivers, scary storms and hair-raising turns on mountain roads, either. There’s plenty of nightmare fuel to be found in everything from what you haul to who approaches your vehicle. Here are some of the things truck drivers have had to deal with. (Please note that some of these incidents are sad and frightening, and may not be suitable for children.)

Strange cargo

One of the oddest parts of being a truck driver is what you’ll be called to haul, especially if you’re an independent contractor. When you work for a company full time, you usually know what you’ll be hauling, from chicken feed to tomatoes. Sometimes, however, things can get weird. Some truck drivers have reported hauling dead bodies, while others have carried radioactive piglets, human blood and bacteria, among other weird items.

Weird road conditions

Perhaps the most horrifying story we’ve come across is this one, in which a Reddit user describes his truck-driving mother going through what appeared to be leaves in a storm… but were actually tarantulas.

Suicide by truck

This one’s sad and nightmarish. Every year, many people throw themselves in front of an oncoming truck to commit suicide—but experts don’t know how many of these cases there really are, because it’s hard to prove someone intentionally walked out into traffic. While the suicide victims are obviously suffering from deep emotional pain, the truck drivers are victims, too. Many develop PTSD. Some quit driving entirely, and almost all agree that the memories haunt them to this day.

Truck stop of horrors

Truck stops can get weird even at the best of times. From overly aggressive lot lizards to drug-addled people hanging out, there’s plenty of strangeness to go around. Tales of robberies and people trying to break into a cab while the driver is sleeping are common.

However, there are plenty of ghostly horror stories, too. These range from mysterious forces shaking or banging the truck overnight to encountering people who supposedly died decades ago. There’s no shortage of ghosts—whether it’s due to the lonely, vulnerable nature of trucking or the fact that they’re actually real, no one can really say. (Bottom line: make sure to lock your doors, which will help protect against human threats.)

Other drivers

Other drivers are a constant source of frustration and even amusement for truck drivers. Some drivers recount tales of guns being pointed at them while driving or stopping to rest. Just about every driver has seen more unclothed body parts than you might expect, and there’s no end to the strange, stupid and downright dangerous things they witness people doing on the road.

One thing is for certain: truck drivers see a lot of strange stuff, thanks to the nature of their jobs. Do you have truck driving nightmares or horror stories? If not, count yourself lucky.

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