Important Supplies for Truck Drivers to Keep in Their Trucks

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After you’ve spent a certain amount of time on the road as a truck driver, you start to get a sense of which items are most important for you to keep with you for long-haul journeys. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most important supplies for truck drivers to have on hand for trucking safety and comfort across Wytheville, GA.

  • Sleeping supplies: A lot of drivers will try to get some quick naps in at rest stops along the highway. To get yourself comfortable, it’s a good idea to bring some basic sleeping supplies, including a sleeping bag or blanket and a pillow. It can be too inconvenient to carry around a full set of bedding, but you can find a sleeping bag that rolls up tight and is easy to stow away.
  • Basic hygiene supplies: When you’re spending an extended amount of time on the road, it’s important to have some basic hygiene supplies to help you look and feel fresh in the cabin. This includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, razor and shaving cream. Make a basic bathroom kit and keep it stocked with all the basic supplies you need for the road.
  • Gloves: Gloves are highly useful, whether it’s for extra warmth on particularly cold days, to give a more comfortable grip on the steering wheel or to protect your hands when working on your vehicle. We recommend you keep a couple different types of gloves on hand in your vehicle.
  • Flashlight: At some point on your journey you may need to perform a nighttime inspection of certain parts of your vehicle. It’s also good to have a flashlight on hand just in case an emergency situation happens, or in case you want to do a little nighttime reading. Make sure to also keep some extra batteries stocked for your flashlight.
  • Bad weather equipment: You’re going to cover a whole lot of mileage, which means you’ll drive through a wide range of weather conditions. Make sure you’re covered with all the necessary protective gear to keep you safe and comfortable in those conditions. This includes rain jackets and boots, a snow shovel and other protective gear and equipment.
  • Emergency kit: You should keep a fully stocked emergency kit with simple first aid supplies, clean water, nonperishable food and emergency blankets. Your flashlight can be considered a part of your emergency kit.
  • Flip flops: Some rest stops have showers for truck drivers, but it’s not likely that they will meet your preferred standards for cleanliness. It’s a good idea to have a pair of shower flip flops in your equipment collection so you don’t have to expose yourself to a potential fungal infection by going barefoot in the showers.

These are just a few examples of some of the most important pieces of equipment you should carry with you when out on a long haul. For more trucking lifestyle tips, contact us regarding heavy towing and truck services in Wytheville, GA.

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