Five Personal Protection Tips for Truckers

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As more women become truck drivers, there is a greater emphasis on trucking safety in Wytheville, VA. Men are not immune to crime, but they tend to be less concerned about their personal safety, which is why the topic hasn’t gotten as much attention until recently. Trucking protection is important to anyone who spends long periods alone on the road, and it’s important to stay safe. Here are five tips for personal protection while trucking:

  • Be aware: Pay attention to your surroundings. Shadows you see scurrying between trailers at night may not be animals or your imagination—they could be potential assailants who will injure you and relieve you of your possessions. If your gut says something is dangerous, listen. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also, if someone seems to be following you, move to a safe, well-lit place or keep your truck key between your knuckles in case you need to physically defend yourself.
  • Invest in a truck commode: Dark rest areas can be dangerous. Rather than risk your safety, keep a portable commode in your cab. While you’ll have to empty and clean it, you will feel safer relieving yourself in your truck then hoping for the best in a dark rest area bathroom. If you do not have a commode yet, bring your phone with you in case you need to dial 911.
  • Make a scene: Criminals hate having attention drawn to them. If anyone attacks you, scream, fight and make as much noise as possible. Screaming Meanie alarms are devices with panic buttons that will definitely attract attention. If you are running away, hit things as you go to make noise, such as dumpsters, trailers, trucks, etc.
  • See potential weapons: Many customers will not allow drivers to bring firearms on the road. Laws vary too much between states, and it is easy to get into trouble. Instead, assess what there is inside your cab that can double as a weapon. Wasp spray, tire thumpers, screwdrivers and hammers can inflict serious damage. If you are at a truck stop at night, bring a flashlight as you travel between your truck and other locations. Not only will it provide light when you need it, but it will make a formidable weapon.
  • Make your truck safer: Cover the sleeper windows. This keeps would-be thieves from scoping out your cab. If you cannot hang curtains, use Velcro and bedsheets to cover the windows. This will help you sleep better anyway. Lock your truck and hide anything that looks expensive, including GPS devices, phones and other mobile devices. Keep potential weapons near your bed, including hammers or fire extinguishers. While locking your truck will likely keep you safe while you sleep, it is best to have an option in case anyone gets past those locked doors.

24-hour road service supports trucking safety by allowing help to come to you while you stay safe and locked in your cab. Complete Truck Service, Inc. offers road service and repairs so you can stay safe and get back on the road sooner. Keep our number handy so you can take advantage of this effective form of trucking protection in Wytheville, VA.

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