The Biggest Trucking Industry Hazards and How to Avoid Them

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Driving a big rig isn’t an easy job, as much as it might sound appealing to sit down all day, far away from other people. While those are two benefits to be had, it’s a grueling job that requires focus and extra care. Being cognizant of hazards and trucking safety guidelines in Wytheville, VA is important not only for truckers, but for the drivers who share the road with them as well.

General safety hazards

There are plenty of hazards to be had off the road, from sprains and strains during loading and unloading to hazards from the cargo itself. Drivers who deal with hazardous materials (hazmat) have to be particularly careful—OSHA and the industries themselves have different safety standards to apply to their cargo. Either way, the driver’s job doesn’t become safer just because the truck is parked—they have to exercise caution throughout the entire process.

Truck drivers also need to watch out for truck safety hazards in Wytheville, VA—drivers are required to perform rigorous inspections before, during and after their loads in order to prevent accidents.

Sleep hazards

Drivers aren’t the only people worried about sleep hazards. Anyone who shares the road with a big rig is concerned about how much sleep drivers get, and for good reason—they’re operating large, heavy vehicles that can cause or contribute to major crashes and injuries, often by virtue of their size alone. There are very strict standards to which drivers must comply, regulating how many hours they can drive and/or work in a row before they take a break. Drivers should plan out their breaks ahead of time, particularly if they’re going to be on a desolate stretch of road where concessions are few and far between.

Road hazards

Road hazards cause a significant portion of highway fatalities, and truck drivers make up two fifths of all roadway fatalities combined. Weather conditions, poorly-maintained roads, other drivers and random occurrences all contribute to accidents, making it crucial that drivers are well rested and focused.

Parking hazards

Parking a huge big rig is a problem in many areas—if there are no truck stops open, it can be hard to find a suitable place for parking. As you know, it’s important to be able to take breaks and sleep when necessary, so this can be a safety and health hazard, too. Pre-planning your parking by calling truck stops and other locations ahead of time can be an actual lifesaver.

Health hazards

Finally, health and trucking don’t always go hand in hand. Even though it’s a grueling job, you can still be obese, suffer from high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Truck drivers are also prone to depression, especially long-haul drivers.

Whether you’re a driver yourself or you’re just sharing the road with big rigs, knowing what trucking hazards drivers are up against in Wytheville, VA and how to combat them makes all the difference.

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