Long-Haul Trucking Myths

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There are plenty of myths surrounding the long-haul truck driving profession. Whether it’s stories of paranormal happenings (usually from times before we had cell phones at our disposal) or simply misconceptions about how the industry works, we’ve heard all the trucking myths in Wytheville, VA. Here are some of the biggest long-haul trucking myths around, and the facts behind them:

  • There are few female drivers: It’s true that truck driving has long been a male-dominated profession, particularly because societal expectations make it harder for women to be away from their significant others and families. Today, however, there are over 200,000 female long-haul truck drivers in America.
  • Long-haul truckers make a lot of money: We suppose the number is relative based on where you live, but the average salary for a long-haul trucker is just under $45,000 per year. For many people, that’s not enough money to make up for time spent away from their families and the grueling hours on deserted stretches of road.
  • Truckers are menaces on the road: While there are certainly bad drivers out there, big rig drivers get a bad rap for being dangerous—largely because it’s unnerving to drive alongside such a huge vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The truth is, trucking companies have to vet and train their employees thoroughly and adhere to strict standards on the road, or risk huge fines and other consequences.
  • Electric big rigs will never happen: Elon Musk has certainly been in the news recently for some rather interesting reasons, but many trucking industry experts agree that electric big rigs are going to be more prevalent in the future. Musk might have unusual taste in baby names, but electric vehicles produced by Tesla and other manufacturers are a solid bet for the future of trucking.
  • Big rigs don’t use that much more fuel than regular cars: How much fuel do big rigs actually use in comparison to your standard car or truck? Where most cars and trucks consume about 500 gallons of fuel per year, a big rig will use well over 20,000—over 40 times more gas than you buy for your passenger vehicle.
  • McDonald’s food is the most transported item: The rest of the country might be lovin’ it, but McDonald’s actually isn’t the most frequently transported haul. That honor goes to mechanical equipment, clothing and furniture.
  • The life of a driver is just like Hollywood portrays it: While drivers will be the first ones to tell you that real life is nothing like their Hollywood portrayal, fans of movies like Big Trouble in Little China might wonder where the line between truth and fiction is. (We suggest meeting a driver to find out the real story.)
  • Sinkholes are a story to scare children: If you’ve heard of sinkholes swallowing big rigs and roads, we have some bad news: they’re rare, but they’re definitely real.

If you’re a trucker and need help dealing with life on the road or are curious about other fun big rig facts in Wytheville, VA, call Complete Truck Service, Inc. today.

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