Keeping Your Truck Cool

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Staying cool and keeping your truck temperature under control in Wytheville, VA is all part of the job. As temperatures rise on the East Coast, paying special attention to your truck temperature will help you avoid breakdowns, even as outdoor temperatures climb into the triple digits. It’s also important for your own personal comfort, health and safety that you stay cool while you’re driving—read on to learn our best tips for keeping your truck cool when the weather is sizzling.

  • Keep your cab cool: First and foremost, your safety depends on staying alert, awake and healthy during your driving time. Keeping your cab cool is integral to all three. In the summer, your cab’s inside temperature can rise nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 minutes and over 40 degrees Fahrenheit in an hour. That’s not just uncomfortable—it can be lethal. If you don’t have an anti-idling air conditioner installed in your cab, you need to make sure to keep the cab ventilated and get out of the truck when you’re stuck for long stretches at a time. While you’re out of the cab, be sure to check your air conditioner belts and coolants to ensure they’re still in good working order.
  • Water, sunscreen and protective gear: Even the toughest trucker is still at risk for skin cancer, so be sure to coat yourself in sunscreen every few hours. If your cab’s windows aren’t tinted, your skin can absorb harmful UV rays. Consider wearing long-sleeved shirts when practical to do so, as well as sunglasses and hats to keep the sun off your skin, and always carry several gallons of water for those long stretches of road where no concessions are available.
  • Monitor your brakes: In hot temperatures, your brake fluid can heat up to the boiling point, causing your brakes to lose power. Check your brake fluid and brake pads daily, and consider downshifting on long descents.
  • Check your fluids: All fluids can be affected by extreme heat, so check your coolant levels and other fluids to ensure they’re topped off and looking normal. If the gauges start rising above normal, pull over and fix the problem before it worsens.
  • Watch your tires: Heat increases your tires’ air pressure, so check the pressure throughout the day to avoid blowouts. If the tires are overinflated, pull over in the shade and let them cool down before heading back out on the road. As always, check for uneven wear, bald tread and other problems.
  • Check your engine belts: Heat can cause belts to expand and loosen, which will impact your fans and water pump. Because so many of your engine components depend on its cooling functions, it’s crucial that you make sure the belts and pumps are operating properly.

Driving requires a lot of attention to detail, but don’t neglect yourself when you’re out on the road. Make sure both you and your truck are staying cool in Wytheville, VA—and call Complete Truck Service, Inc. if you find yourself in a jam.

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