Six Tips for Sleeping Better in Your Semi Truck

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As a trucker, your job is to deliver cargo from one place to another, typically within a predetermined timeframe. These delivery deadlines can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. Quality sleep is just as important as eating right and exercising. In short, good sleep plays a huge roll in good health. The reality is that many truck drivers are unable to get comfortable enough to achieve successful sleep in the bed or cab of their semi truck. A lack of quality sleep can lead to bad moods, crankiness, health issues and overeating, but there are steps truckers can take to improve their sleep starting tonight.

Cabin sleeping in Wytheville, VA may be your choice, or your only option. Here’s how to get sleep well every night:

  • Block out noise: In a rest stop or designated truck stop, try your best to park away from other semi trucks or loud distractions (like freeway traffic and park areas). Earplugs are great at blocking out noise, or you can run a small portable fan or white noise machine to reduce the sounds inside your truck. Put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode to keep the screen from making notification sounds and lighting up while you sleep.
  • Create a dark space: Turn off lights in your truck and rig your truck’s windows with shades to block out outside light sources. Get blackout curtains if you have to, because even the smallest amount of light can be a bother. If there are electronic lights inside your truck that are always lit, cover them, too. A simple sleep mask can also help you sleep.
  • Download a sleep app: You might want to try a white noise machine to help you sleep, but don’t have room for one in your rig. If this is the case, download a white noise smartphone app. Find one that offers multiple white noise options and settings, relaxation modes and wake-up alarms.
  • Keep to a routine: Even though trucking can be a rather unpredictable job, you will benefit from maintaining a regular sleep routine. Stick to a bedtime routine and your body will adjust. Wind down by reading a book, watching a show, meditating or doing something else soothing.
  • Keep your truck cool: Like sleeping at home in your own bed or a hotel room bed, your body will rest better when the temperature inside your rig is cool. A small fan adds extra airflow during warmer months, while extra blankets or a small heater can help in winter. However, temperature preference varies from person to person, so just concentrate on a truck temperature that’s most comfortable for you.
  • Ensure comfort: Sleeping in a semi truck in Wytheville, VA can be rough on the body. Periodically assess the comfort level inside your sleeper cab. It might be time to get a new mattress, or add a mattress pad or topper for more cushion and comfort on sore joints and muscles.

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