Four Secrets of Truck Drivers

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Truck drivers in Wytheville, VA know that their jobs can be difficult, stressful and even boring at times. However, there are some secrets that they’ve acquired over the years that can make their employment more pleasurable and more convenient for them. It’s possible to take some easy steps to make the miles pass by more pleasurably, and some of these trade secrets are described below.

Cabs can be luxurious

For many truck drivers, their cabs can be quite comfortable, especially if they take the time to outfit them with all of the comforts of home. Trucking in Wytheville, VA can actually be a lot like living at home, or at least in a comfy hotel. Beds are common, but many truck cabs also feature items like small refrigerators, microwaves and even cooking gear. Food on the highway at rest stops is not always tasty or nutritious, so having the option to do their own cooking is appealing for many truckers.

Customizing is key

Truck drivers in Wytheville, VA frequently own their own trucks, rather than driving for major carriers where trucks are borrowed or leased. When this is the case, they like to broadcast their independent nature by customizing their cabs and truck exteriors. Features like intricate paint jobs or chrome add-ons can help people easily spot which truckers are in business for themselves and have taken the liberty of truly making their workplaces their own.

Keep in touch

The CB radio is a part of trucking lore—it’s one of the most iconic parts of the job, and many people assume they’ve been replaced by some sort of high-tech equipment. The truth is, they mostly haven’t been replaced at all. Many truck drivers in Wytheville, VA still use these radios to keep in touch with each other about traffic jams, accidents and other hazards of the road. They also might use them to keep in touch with other drivers socially, so be sure you’re up to speed on the slang that still permeates this mode of communication!

More drivers isn’t always better

Many people assume that having a driving buddy would be a good benefit of life on the road. If you have a partner on board, you can chat with them and make the time pass by more quickly. You can also theoretically cover more ground, as one driver can nap while the other drives. However, this doesn’t always work out in practice. Sometimes it can feel rather confining to truck drivers to have someone next to them in such a small workspace, and many truckers prefer the convenience of going solo.

Trucking in Wytheville, VA is a job that isn’t for everybody, but many truck drivers are able to draw on their own experience and that of others to make life on the road more comfortable and more relaxing. Complete Truck Service Inc. prides itself on being a place where drivers can share this kind of information freely with each other, making us a place where drivers are happier and more likely to gain their own insight into life on the road. If you’re interested in learning about how we can help you take care of your truck or fleet, get in touch with us today.

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