10 Simple Workouts for Truck Drivers

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As a truck driver, you have to sacrifice time in the gym to do your job out on the road, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose muscle, gain weight or develop back pain. Stay fit and pain-free by doing a few of these trucking workouts in Wytheville, VA.

Exercises for strength

There’s no reason to lose any muscle strength or tone when you’re on the road. Keep in shape with a few of these trucking exercises in Wytheville, VA when you’re fueling up or on a bathroom break:

  • Squats: You don’t need heavy weights or a squat rack to do squats! While you’re at the gas station, do a few sets, holding the squatting position for 30 seconds each. Though it might not seem like much, you’re helping increase your leg strength with each squat.
  • Lunges: To work your quads, hamstrings and glutes, try 10 lunges on one leg and 10 on the other. Two or three sets of these can do a lot to help with those leg muscles.
  • Pushups: There’s no better upper-body workout than pushups! Pushups work several upper-body muscles at once without the need for a bench press or heavy weights.
  • Jumping jacks: A few sets of jumping jacks are a great way to get your heart pumping in a short amount of time. Since they get your heart rate up, jumping jacks can help keep you awake and alert on those long drives.
  • Simple curls: If you do happen to carry some weights in your cab, why not do a few curls when you’re filling up your truck? All it takes is a few sets to build up your arm muscles.

Exercises for pain prevention or pain relief

All that time spent sitting in the cab of a truck can really take a toll on a driver’s back and legs. Try these trucking workouts in Wytheville, VA to ensure your body stays limber and pain-free:

  • Back bends: Place your hands on your hips, lean back and hold it for five to 10 seconds. Complete five reps to help decompress your spine.
  • Front bends: To loosen hamstrings and increase blood circulation, do the same steps as above, but bend forward.
  • Side bends: Put your hands on your sides, raise one hand and stretch upward for 10 seconds. Then, do it with the other hand. This exercise stretches your outer hip muscles and lengthens the torso muscles.
  • Knees up: Place your hands on a wall or the side of your truck and bring your knee up, taking it across your body for a minute. Do this stretch for both knees to loosen and strengthen your glutes.
  • Neck stretch: Relieve tension built up in your neck by standing straight and lowering your chin toward your chest and holding the position for 30 seconds. Then, raise your chin toward the sky and hold for another 30 seconds. Repeat this routine several times to get nice and loose!

See? Trucking exercise in Wytheville, VA doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard on your body. If you’re ever waiting for 24-hour roadside truck repair, you can pass the time by getting fit!

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