Preparing Your Rig for a Long Trip

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The best way to avoid needing towing services and emergency truck repair is to use good planning for your truck before getting on the road. Prioritizing care for your rig in Wytheville, VA allows you to anticipate problems before they occur and address any issues before you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Here are five road planning trips for truckers:

  • Plan: The trip is not just about getting from Point A to Point B. You need to set destination goals and make room for bathroom breaks, meals and resting. If you are traveling where there are international borders or numerous weigh stations, be sure you work those into your plans as well. When you fail to take all these factors into account, you risk missing deadlines or putting off the rest and self-care that make you a safer driver.
  • Be realistic: Know your limits, as well as your abilities. There are not many drivers who can go 14 hours straight without a break. Take into account weather and road construction, as those factors will slow down your trip. If conditions require you to leave a little earlier, do that if possible. It is better to allow for extra time to travel and not need it than to run into road construction and deliver your load late.
  • Know your stops: Before you leave, have a good idea of where to stop for meals and fuel breaks. Fuel cost can vary considerably from one state to another, so you’ll likely want to top off in states where fuel costs are lower. Also, there are regions where finding lodging and safe spots to park is not easy. You may need to stop by 6:00 p.m. in some areas to ensure that there is room to park your truck and rest before you proceed to the next destination point.
  • Bring supplies: You will require snacks, clothing that’s appropriate for the weather and essential tools. If you will be driving through snow, be sure you have everything you need to activate your traction devices. In more populous areas, you may be able to stop at a grocery store or big box store to replenish supplies. But if you are driving through more remote areas, it is a better idea to overpack and overprepare—otherwise, being cold and hungry will be a distinct possibility. This is why planning ahead is essential.
  • Communicate: If any circumstances delay your run, contact the dispatcher. Sometimes, even the best planning in the world does not predict a sudden snowstorm or massive traffic accident. Rather than hope that you arrive on time, call the dispatcher and let them know what’s going on. This covers you if you are late, and companies like to hire drivers who keep them in the loop. Communication now can mean more lucrative jobs later.

Complete Truck Service Inc. offers care for your rig that helps with good trip planning for trucks in Wytheville, VA. Keep our number handy in case you need repairs, a tow or our 24-hour road service.

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