Attention Truck Drivers: Stay Awake with These Tips

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There’s no doubt about it—every driver has been sleepy behind the wheel at one point or another. This statement is especially true for truck drivers, who are out on the road for endless hours at a time. Obviously, being tired behind the wheel is a serious hazard. Tired eyes lead to accidents, injuries and possibly even death. Continue reading to learn how to stay awake with these tips from your truck shop in Wytheville, VA:

  • Get a good night’s rest: The number one way to ensure that you don’t fall asleep while on the road is to get plenty of sleep the night before. Getting a full eight hours isn’t always easy when you live your life on the road, but it’s essential for your overall health. Additionally, driving without enough time off in between shifts is illegal.
  • Take breaks as needed: There’s no reason to push yourself when you’re tired! Any time you get a little sleepy, pull off to the side of the road and take a break or even a power nap. These small breaks can be the difference between falling asleep behind the wheel and making it to your destination safely.
  • Eat a healthy meal: It’s easy to grab a bag of chips and a candy bar at the gas station when you’re hungry, but that’s not the best fuel for your body while you’re on the road. Before you head out, fill up on nutritious foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These foods will keep you energized throughout your shift.
  • Avoid caffeine: It may sound a bit counterintuitive, but chugging coffee, energy drinks and other beverages with tons of caffeine is a mistake if you’re trying to stay awake. All of that caffeine and sugar will keep you awake for now, but that quick buzz will wear off sooner rather than later. Instead, drink plenty of water, which will keep you hydrated, healthy and alert.
  • Turn down the heat: Sitting in a nice, warm cab can be a wonderful feeling on a cold winter’s night. However, that toasty environment can also make you sleepy. Lowering the temperature is bound to make you feel a little more alert.
  • Open the windows: Going along with the point above, open up those windows and let in some fresh air! Not only will that cool down the cab, but the fresh air will make you perk up a bit.
  • Listen to something interesting: Listening to your favorite music is a good way to pass the time. However, hearing the same songs over and over can make you sleepy in some situations. Instead of listening to music, turn on a captivating podcast or keep up on your reading list by listening to an audiobook. Anything that piques your interest is bound to keep you awake and alert behind the wheel.

Remember, the next time you get too tired, just pull over and rest! And the next time you have any troubles with your rig, bring it to Complete Truck Service Inc. Our competitive prices and friendly service make us the number one truck shop in Wytheville, VA.

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