Trucking Safety Tips for Securing Loads

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It’s an unfortunate reality that there are far too many truck drivers who sustain preventable injuries every year due to unsecured loads either in or on their trailers. The most common scenario occurs when a driver opens up the trailer doors and freight falls out the rear, but there are plenty of other ways in which unsecured loads can be dangerous.

It’s critical, therefore, to ensure all freight is properly secured before the journey even begins, otherwise drivers are at risk for severe injuries. In most cases, it’s not the driver who is responsible for loading up the truck—there are other people who handle that task. However, there are still some steps a driver can take to make sure all loads are safe and secure before the journey begins.

Here are a few tips for those drivers to follow, from our truck service in Wytheville, VA:

  • Supervise the loaders: Even if you’re not one of the people officially loading the truck, you can insert yourself into the process in a supervisory role. Keep an eye on the work being done by the loaders, and be sure to ask the shipper to secure the load at the rear of the trailer once loading is complete. This ensures that they’ll do it, and that you’ll see the freight is secure before you actually head out on the road.
  • Secure the load yourself: If you’re unable to supervise for whatever reason, you’re also able to secure the load yourself. It’s a good idea to have some load bars or load straps on hand just in case the shipper doesn’t provide them for you. A load bar has hooks on either end that connect to tracks on the walls of the trailer—these keep the load from falling and stabilize the freight. The straps are better for more irregular cargo shapes.
  • Don’t leave until the load is secured: Your best bet is to check, double check and triple check to make sure the load is properly secured. You should not leave the shipper until that load is secure, whether they handle it for you or you secure it yourself. It’s illegal to drive with an improperly secured load. Even if it’s an accident, you’ll be subject to a fine.
  • Adjust your driving: Even when you’re driving with a load that you’re sure is secure, it can help quite a bit to prioritize smooth driving. Always avoid taking corners sharply or making any sudden stops. Be careful while going into reverse so you don’t bump anything and shift the freight around in your truck.
  • Take care when opening the trailer: You should always be very careful when opening the rear doors, even if you believe the load was properly secured, as you can never be completely certain whether the items in the trailer have shifted around during the course of your journey.

For more tips about load security from our truck service in Wytheville, VA, contact the team at Complete Truck Service Inc. today.

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