The Most Common Semi Trailer Towing and Recovery Problems

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Big rig truck troubles are inevitable, and frustrating when they do happen. Here’s a closer look at the most common semi truck towing and recovery problems your truck service in Wytheville, VA wants you to watch out for.

Towing after a breakdown

It goes without saying that your daily driver breaking down on the side of the road is irritating and inconvenient; the situation is certainly not desirable. But for semi truck drivers, roadside breakdowns can come with a whole host of other issues. For starters, the average auto towing shop won’t be able to lift or pull your big rig. The job requires a specialized tow truck build to accommodate the weight and problems of a heavy-duty semi. When your truck has a malfunction under the hood, let a professional semi truck towing company help.

Accident recovery

Drivers lose control of their cars, people don’t pay attention to the road and engine or tire trouble strike at the worst possible time. Accidents happen, but accidents involving semi trucks tend to be on a much more destructive scale. If you’re a truck driver involved in an accident, be sure to call a qualified wrecker service and operator to the scene.

Professional wrecker services own the right pieces of equipment to recover your cab, trailer or entire rig from a range of situations, whether it’s flipped over in a ditch, smashed into a tree or crunched on its side. Also, qualified wrecker operators have the skills to properly hook up damaged trucks to ensure safe towing.


While the phrase “stuck in the mud” has a couple different meanings, in this case it can be very literal. As a big rig driver, you know to stay to the right, unless passing. Unfortunately, shoulders on highways can be soft and muddy during the rainy months. Moisture from rain, snow and ice can turn dirt into mud, which is not the greatest thing for large trucks that may sway even slightly into soft and muddy shoulders.

Calls to big rig road service companies to extract semis stuck in the mud are not uncommon. If a truck is not extracted from the mud quickly, it becomes a major inconvenience. A big wrench is thrown in the driver’s day, and time is money.

Rescuing fully loaded trailers

Your big rig trailer may be partially loaded or fully loaded with cargo for transport. However, many semi trucks that break down on the side of the road or go off the road are fully loaded. Extra heavy, fully-loaded tractor trailers that need towing from the side of the road or another breakdown site will require special equipment for safe transport back to their home base. Call a semi truck towing company right away and they’ll send the right wrecker your way, based on how big the load is.

If you ever find yourself in need of roadside semi truck service in Wytheville, VA, reach for the phone and call Complete Truck Service Inc. We’re always ready to lend a hand!

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