A Trucker’s Guide for the Holidays

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Truckers work hard all year long, even through the holidays. The holiday season is a busy time for transportation services, meaning there’s potential for truckers to make quite a bit of extra money. If you drive a truck and plan to take a hauling job during the holidays, read on. Below is a trucker’s guide to surviving the holidays, brought to you by your local provider of truck road service in Wytheville, VA.

Dress and pack for cold weather

Long-haul trucking jobs have most truck drivers sitting comfortably in the cab of their truck. During the winter holiday season, the heater warms the cab, keeping you content for hours—that is, until something happens and you have to exit the vehicle. Rest stops and breaks aside, other things that could leave you out in the cold include dealing with a flat tire, an overheated engine or some other sudden maintenance or repair issue. For safety’s sake, be prepared for freezing temperatures. Pack extra socks, gloves, wool hats, thermals, blankets and waterproof boots.

Follow the forecast

Even though your goal is to deliver shipments on time, unexpected breakdowns, closed roads and an increase in traffic can slow you down. Traffic jams on roads during the holidays are especially frustrating for truck drivers, particularly if the weather is also bad. Icy conditions can have you slipping and sliding all over the road, or heavy snowfall can slow your truck to a crawl. To avoid delays this season, check the weather forecast prior to embarking on your journey and throughout your trip.

Additionally, everyone knows that the stress of the holidays can bring out the worst in drivers. As the driver of a large vehicle, get ready to drive defensively on crowded, snow-covered roads.

Be ready for the road conditions

Driving a semi truck anytime of the year has its challenges, but around the holidays and during the wintertime is a different matter altogether. Make sure you review operating procedures for navigating icy and snow-covered roads and the proper way to apply big rig brakes in a variety of potentially dangerous scenarios. Maintain fuel levels, know how to chain your truck tires and be sure the cargo in your trailer is secure.

Use your smartphone

Although your big rig is likely equipped with technology features, it’s crucial that you bring your smartphone or tablet with you on every job. The first reason is safety—if you experience a medical emergency, you need to have a lifeline within reach. If you get caught in a winter storm, break down on the side of the highway or something starts smoking on your rig, you will need a phone to call a truck road service provider in Wytheville, VA for assistance.

Another reason to have a phone is so you can stay in touch with your loved ones while your travel for work this holiday season. Whether by voice, text or video, your cell can make you feel close to people even when you’re far away.

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