Six Reasons Why Oil Changes Are Important for Your Vehicle

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Every driver knows that they are supposed to take their vehicle in for regular oil changes. The mileage or time span often differs based on the vehicle make and model, but the recommendation is always there. Some people don’t follow this rule and avoid getting an oil change—while this won’t cause catastrophic failure in a vehicle right away, it certainly isn’t ideal for the longevity of your engine.

Fresh, clean oil is necessary to lubricate the many moving parts in your engine. Unfortunately, oil doesn’t last forever, so it breaks down and becomes filled with dirt and debris. That oil will need to be removed and new oil put in so your engine can continue to run optimally. This is especially important for semi trucks that drive long distances on a regular basis. If you can’t remember the last time your oil was changed, visit a truck service in Wytheville, VA as soon as possible.

To provide some solid evidence behind the claim that oil changes are important, here are six reasons why:

  • Lubricate engine parts: The engine comprises many small parts, such as pistons and valves, which move at fast speeds. Oil lubricates these parts so they can move freely within the engine. If there were no oil, the parts would create friction and damage the engine as they move.
  • Keep engine cool: All those moving engine parts also create a lot of heat. Without somewhere to go, this heat would make the engine blow up—if this happens, you’ll need significant mobile truck repair in Wytheville, VA. Oil pulls the heat away from the combustion chamber in the engine to prevent overheating from occurring.
  • Replenish oil: Over time, oil is lost or burned off, meaning your oil levels will continue to drop the longer you go without an oil change. Letting your oil amount get too low can cause problems in the engine, because there isn’t enough to truly serve its purpose. During an oil change, the old oil is removed and new oil is put in, leaving you with the proper amount.
  • Improve gas mileage: If the engine is not properly lubricated or cooled, it’s not running as well as it could be, and your truck will use more gas than it should. If you’re filling up a lot more than you used to, it may be a sign you need an oil change.
  • Keeps engine clean: Motor oil eventually breaks down into “sludge,” in addition to picking up dirt and debris from miles and miles of use. All of this sludge and dirt can find its way into your engine as the oil circulates, which can cause corrosion.
  • Extends engine life: There are many other ways that oil helps your engine function properly. Namely, it makes your engine’s job of running the vehicle easier. Less stress on the engine means it will run for a longer time.

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