What to Know When Working with an Auto Technician for Car or Truck Repair Service in Wytheville, VA

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Did you know that the average age of any given vehicle on the road today in America is 10 years? This is because more and more Americans are holding on to their cars for longer periods of time instead of upgrading to new models. This is largely due to changing economic circumstances and stagnating wages, but can also be attributed to improved technologies that allow these vehicles to run longer than they might have in previous decades.

Because people are keeping their cars for longer, it is also more important than ever to keep up with your preventative vehicle maintenance. Delaying this maintenance or any repairs you need to make could compromise your car’s safety and make it difficult to extend its useful lifespan. This means you should make it a priority to form a good relationship with an auto technician so you can stay on top of your regular vehicle maintenance and mobile truck repair in Wytheville, VA.

Here are just a few things you should know about establishing a solid relationship with your auto technician:

  • Have realistic expectations: When you need to repair your vehicle and call upon your technician, he will quote you on the cost for the service, which will include the cost for both labor and parts. You should plan on leaving your vehicle at the shop for a good portion of the day (or perhaps longer) for your service to be completed—the technician is likely to be busy with other people’s vehicles as well, so don’t expect the job to be done immediately. The technician should be able to tell you ahead of time so you can arrange for transportation if needed.
  • Clean up your vehicle: Get any trash out of your vehicle, and clear the back seat and trunk of anything you might be carrying, such as strollers, equipment or golf clubs. It’s common courtesy for your technician, and could also affect the quality of your repair. These unnecessary items could weigh down the vehicle to the point where the repairs are difficult to make. They will also just be a burden for the technician, who might have to remove them anyway.
  • Be available: Give your technician your phone number in case he needs to get a hold of you and let you know about the progress of your repair. Having your information is also important so the technician can ask for your approval on certain repairs. The sooner you are able to provide that approval, the sooner your project will be complete.
  • Don’t bother them: Once you’ve dropped off your vehicle, you don’t need to frequently contact your technician and pester them about the progress of your project. It’s distracting and will only serve to annoy them. Only contact your technician if time stretches on past what you could reasonably expect, based on the technician’s time estimate for the job.

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