Beat the Heat During Long Haul Drives This Summer

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Truck driving during the summer months can be just as difficult as winter driving, with an entirely different set of circumstances that can create just as many challenging situations. For all of the truck drivers that are dedicated to this difficult task, here are four tips from your local truck and trailer repair company in Wytheville, VA on how to keep cool while driving this summer:

  • Apply sunscreen: You may have noticed that you have developed quite the tan on your left arm that rests on the window while you are out driving all day. This is referred to as “trucker’s arm,” and is usually unavoidable as you spend long hours underneath the sun’s rays each day. While this unique tan probably can’t be prevented completely, making sure to cover yourself with sunscreen before you head out on the road can help prevent painful burning, while also lowering your risk of developing skin cancer due to the extended exposure.
  • Protect your eyes: Just as you want to make sure that your skin has the correct protection from the sun, similar precautions should be taken for your eyes as well. Make sure to pick up a pair of sunglasses before you head out, as they can not only deter harmful conditions from developing in your eyes, but can also help cut down on the glare coming off of the road as you are driving in the early morning or as the sun is setting at night.
  • Stay hydrated: No matter what types of beverages you prefer while you are out on the road, make sure that you always keep some water on hand to keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the day. It is a good idea to get into the habit of drinking water even if you’re not thirsty, as this can help you avoid headaches, muscle cramps, dizziness and other effects of prolonged heat exposure.
  • Service your air conditioner: Even if you are remaining hydrated and have protected your eyes and skin from the sun, it will still be important that the air conditioning is flowing freely throughout the cabin so that you can remain comfortable and lower your risk of suffering from heat stroke. When your truck is being serviced, make sure that the air conditioning is checked frequently, and the necessary amount of refrigerant is added when necessary to avoid any problems while you are out on the road.

If you want to make sure that your entire fleet stays comfortable and safe out on the roads this summer, make sure each truck is maintained with our top of the line services at Complete Truck Service Inc. Our number one goal is to make sure that each truck is equipped with the quality service and parts it needs to make it through another summer and beyond. If you need truck and trailer repair in Wytheville, VA that will come to your aid when you are in need, give our team a call right away!

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