Avoid Getting Tripped Up by Summer Driving Hazards with Regular Truck Service in Wytheville, VA

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Even though the difficulties of winter driving won’t be present again for another several months, the heat and summertime driving present their own sets of dangers. As a result, you will need to make sure that you invest in regular truck service in Wytheville, VA so that your truck is in top shape, and ready to field anything you may encounter on your long-haul drive. Here are just a few of the summer driving hazards you will need to keep an eye out for.

Driving in heavier traffic

It isn’t unusual to see increased traffic on the roads during the summer, whether it is families taking road trips or teenage drivers who are out of school and enjoying their break. This means that you will need to be particularly alert as you drive, to account not only for your own driving but for those around you as well. There will also be more motorcycles on the freeway, and more bicyclists on city streets. These riders can sometimes be unpredictable, so make sure you give them a bit more space when driving around them.

You will need to be able to navigate all of this additional traffic in a safe and timely manner, and as a precaution you should make sure that your brakes are checked each time you head out, just in case you encounter any unforeseen situations or sudden stops.

Be mindful of construction zones

On top of all of the additional vehicles that will contribute to excess traffic, keep in mind that summer is typically construction season in most areas, and you will need to be prepared at all times for last minute lane shifts and slowdowns. If at all possible, try to plan an alternate route that you might be able to take, or give yourself extra time to travel through construction zones without having to rush to reach your destination. If a work zone can’t be avoided, make sure to merge as soon as you are able, and remain patient as you are making your way through.

Tires and the heat

Excessive heat has the ability to expand the air within your tires, which can be particularly treacherous in older tires. Your truck’s tires should be inspected, rotated and changed with diligence during the summer months to avoid a dangerous blowout while you are traveling.

No matter what type of truck service in Wytheville, VA you may require, our staff here at Complete Truck Service Inc. is here to make sure that your entire fleet is ready to take on the adverse conditions that summer travel may present. Whether your truck needs a new set of tires to avoid a dangerous situation on the highway, or one of your trucks has broken down and you need access to 24-hour towing services, we will be there to help make sure your truck gets back on the road as quickly as possible. Make sure you give us a call today so we can keep your trucks going all summer long.

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