Summer Maintenance Tips for Truck Drivers

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As summer approaches, you may be looking forward to the warmer weather and the longer days. While there are lots of things to be excited about in the days leading up to summer, there are also some practical matters that you need to take into account. As the weather heats up, your truck’s mechanical components may be put under additional stress, so it’s important to ensure that they are all in the best shape possible. You should establish a plan to maintain your fleet this summer with help from a mechanic that specializes in truck service in Wytheville, VA to prevent major mechanical failures and avoid costly repairs. Find out more about summer maintenance for these truck components:

  • Oil and filters: By keeping up on regular oil changes, you can keep your engine operating effectively and avoid roadside breakdowns. During the summer, hot temperatures can actually accelerate the rate at which oil breaks down, so it’s even more important to change your oil on time. Make sure that you get an oil and filter change at every recommended interval.
  • Air conditioning: Unless you take care of your air conditioning system, you are likely to end up with an uncomfortable climate in your truck cabin during the summer months. You should test your AC system before summer hits and make sure to take your truck in for repair if the AC isn’t working the way it should.
  • Tires: It’s crucial that you check the tread and air pressure of your tires to avoid blowouts during the summer months. The changing temperatures can rapidly alter the air pressure of your tires, so be prepared to check these levels regularly. If your tread is getting low, make sure to change your tires so that you can stay safe on the road throughout the summer.
  • Belts: Hoses and belts play an essential role in the operation of your engine. Although these components can be costly to replace, it’s essential that you get them switched out if they show signs of wear and tear that may reduce their effectiveness.
  • Battery: Prevent corrosion of your battery this summer by routinely using a battery cleaning product. You should clean your battery more often during the summer since heat can accelerate corrosion significantly.
  • Brakes: You should respond to any signs of brake wear as soon as you notice them. If you hear squealing when you brake or you notice that your brake pads are especially thin, have them replaced by a mechanic who specializes in truck service in Wytheville, VA.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the aspects of summer truck maintenance you have to keep track of, let the team at Complete Truck Service Inc. help you out. We have offered comprehensive truck service in Wytheville, VA for the last 35 years, and we continue to deliver premier service to each of our customers. We are proud to be a family owned and operated business with an extensive level of experience. We understand that mechanical issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 mobile towing, jumpstart and lockout service. We would be happy to get you started with a free service estimate—just give us a call today!

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