Spring Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

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The spring season is actually one of the most challenging and dangerous times to drive. Weather can be unpredictable, which may leave drivers stranded without the proper equipment and gear they need to operate their vehicles effectively. Spring can also present a host of other challenges, including changing tire pressure and increased traffic levels.

If you are preparing to make any long-haul trips this spring season, you should first consult with a truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA to examine your vehicle and provide it with any necessary maintenance. Be sure to keep a close eye on road conditions, as well, and proceed with caution as you embark on any driving trips this spring season.

Here are just a few tips to observe as you navigate the roads in the coming months:

  • Watch for icy roads: It can be difficult to determine when roads are icy, especially during the spring season. Even if road conditions during the day time were warm and sunny, you still may encounter winter-like weather as the sun begins to descend. This means that you should be especially vigilant when watching for icy conditions. If the road ahead looks even remotely shiny, it’s probably a sign that you should slow down.
  • Slow down when windy: Windstorms and gusty conditions are extremely common during the spring season. Because semi trucks are so cumbersome to control in extremely windy conditions, it’s advisable to slow your vehicle down as much as possible. If the windy conditions become too much, you should pull your vehicle over to the side and wait for the gust-storm to subside.
  • Keep an eye out for wildlife: Warmer weather means that many species of animal are coming out of hibernation and are hunting for food. This means that you are much more likely to encounter a wild animal out on the road, especially if you are driving your rig at night. You should be extra vigilant watching for wildlife when you are driving during the spring.
  • Obtain spring maintenance: Winter weather can be extremely tough on your big rig, and spring driving may seem deceptively easy in comparison. Before you embark on any trips this spring season, however, it’s imperative that you visit a truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA. You should have your truck’s tire pressure examined, have its fluid flushed and replenished and have its chassis examined by a qualified professional.

Since 1983, Complete Truck Service Inc. has been a highly trusted truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA. We are the region’s foremost experts in diesel truck repair and maintenance. Whether you’re a local driver or are just passing through, we can help you ensure that your truck is safe and ready to hit the road.

If you’ve encountered trouble along your path, our 24-hour mobile maintenance crews can help you get your rig back up and running. Reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians today to learn more about how we can help you make the most of the spring driving season!

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