Spring Truck Maintenance to Consider

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Many truck and trailer drivers know all about the importance of winterizing their rigs. Fewer drivers, however, place the same amount of emphasis on caring for their vehicles after winter ends! Because winter driving can be particularly hard on your rig, you should strongly consider investing in spring truck and trailer maintenance.

Obtaining truck service in Wytheville, VA as spring arrives is a great way to ensure that your vehicle is ready to successfully weather the coming seasonal changes. You can keep your rig in tip-top shape by working with trusted technicians for all of your vehicular maintenance needs. It’s important to seek qualified assistance every time that your rig is in need of seasonal maintenance.

Here are just some of the most common types of maintenance you may seek when you hire someone to perform truck service in Wytheville, VA for the beginning of the spring season:

  • Tire pressure: Temperature changes cause air to expand and contract, which may result in uneven tire pressure. If your tires aren’t correctly inflated, it may cause long-term damage to your truck’s wheels and suspension. Improperly inflated tires can also cause your fuel economy to decrease.
  • Brakes: You should check the brake lines and hoses, as well as fluid levels, extensively once warmer weather arrives. Be sure to have your brakes thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional—driving with improperly serviced brakes can be a deadly mistake!
  • Batteries and electrical wires: Cold weather is known to wreak havoc on batteries and electrical wires. You should check your vehicle’s wiring, plugs and battery terminals for any signs of corrosion. It may be a good idea to test the strength of your battery, and replace it if necessary.
  • Hose and belt inspection: Take a good, long look at your vehicle’s hoses and belts. If they show any signs of degradation, you should probably consider replacing them. Even if your hoses and belts look like they’re still in good shape, you should consider their age. Any rubber older than five years should be replaced.
  • Engine air filter: If you spend lots of time driving through urban areas or on congested highways, you may need to replace your engine air filter more often than you initially thought. Ensure that your vehicle has a constant and steady supply of fresh air by replacing your engine air filter.
  • Shocks and struts: After a winter of traveling on bumpy and icy roads, there’s a good chance that your truck’s shocks and struts suffered substantial damage. You should visit a provider of truck service in Wytheville, VA to repair or replace your truck’s suspension system. This will help you and your cargo stay safe on the road.

Since 1983, Complete Truck Service Inc. has been a trusted provider of truck service in Wytheville, VA. You can count on us to provide you with dependable, high-quality maintenance services that will help you to ensure that your drive is safe and sustainable. Reach out to one of our friendly and talented technicians to learn more about how we can help you maintain your vehicle and get it ready for the heat and excitement of the spring season.

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