Stay Safe When Waiting for 24 Hour Wrecker Service in Wytheville, VA This Winter

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Many of us have been in a vehicle that’s broken down on the side of the road. In a lot of cases, drivers are able to steer their cars clear of the roadway to prevent causing accidents or bodily harm to themselves. But for semi truck drivers, breaking down during a trip is typically a much bigger deal—literally! They have to navigate a huge truck off the roadway and then, for safety’s sake, wait until roadside assistance arrives. Add in harsh winter weather conditions, and breakdowns are of even greater concern.

So, how should truckers handle breakdown situations? Here’s how new and seasoned truck drivers can stay safe when waiting for 24 hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA this winter:

  • Pull off the road as soon as possible: Get off the road when you first notice an issue with your truck. Pull over to a safe spot—such as an emergency lane on the shoulder or an open area away from the busy road—to get out of traffic and to ensure that other vehicles can proceed safely. Be extra cautious if you have to pull over in a thick snowfall or heavy rain. Activate your turn signal, concentrate and slowly make your way off the road.
  • Make yourself and your truck visible: It’s important to make your truck visible to other drivers—and to roadside assistance providers—once you are off the road. Use your hazard lights, turn on your parking lights, raise your hood to indicate a problem and, if it’s safe to get out of the truck, place reflective warning triangles outside. The truck’s lights are ideal when there’s snow or a winter storm.
  • Be cautious exiting the truck: Stay inside the truck if you feel unsafe, but if you must exit the truck for any reason, make sure you are wearing warm winter gear, like winter boots, pants, gloves, a hat, coat and a reflective vest. Also, consider carrying a flashlight or wearing a headlamp. Be cautious when getting out, and exit out the passenger side door to keep yourself safely away from traffic.
  • Call for roadside assistance and wait: Call a 24 hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA as soon as it is safe. Let the dispatcher know you’re broken down and where you’re located so a technician can be on their way with a tow truck or repair equipment. However, if winter temperatures are at or below freezing, your first call should be to 911 to ensure your personal safety.
  • Stay far from the road: Other motorists may have a difficult time seeing through blinding snow or rain, which leads to accidents. Stay far away from the road to avoid getting hit, even if there’s a barrier.

It’s especially important that truckers who are hauling time-sensitive deliveries and cargo get back on the road as soon as possible after a roadside breakdown. For the most reliable 24 hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA, contact the team at Complete Truck Service Inc. Our technicians are ready to help with a variety of services, including tire services, lockout services and jump-starts!

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