Tips for Winter Truck Driving

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Even the most seasoned truck driver can experience problems when operating their vehicle in adverse winter weather conditions. There are a number of seasonal hazards that can be difficult for both novice and advanced drivers to navigate. By observing some simple winter driving best practices, you can stay safer out on the open road and mitigate the need for truck road service in Wytheville, VA. Consulting with a qualified mechanical expert is always the best way to ensure that your time out on the road will be safe and productive.

The primary objective of any truck driver is to ensure that they and their cargo make it safely to their final destination. Learning how to navigate adverse winter weather conditions is an essential part of delivering your truck’s cargo and ensuring that you are able to make it home safely. Here are just some of the things that you can do to make your winter hauls safer and more productive:

  • Accelerate and brake more slowly: One simple way that you can make your winter haul safer is by accelerating and braking more slowly while driving. Because winter driving requires more attention and alertness than fair-weather driving, you should always exercise caution when changing your vehicle’s speed.
  • Clean your lights, windshield and mirrors: You should brush any ice or snow away from your truck’s lights, windshield and mirrors before taking to the road. If you notice ice accumulating on your cabin while you are driving, you should pull over and remove any ice that may have formed.
  • Avoid black ice: Black ice can make your truck skid and slip off the road more easily than almost any other road hazard. You should vigilantly watch out for and avoid this thin layer of frozen water at all costs. If you see black ice on the road, you should gradually slow your vehicle down and proceed with extreme caution.
  • Keep your tank as full as you can: When you are driving through hazardous conditions, you never know when you may need to take a prolonged detour through adverse territory. You should fill your tank up as often as possible—running out of fuel can be a legitimately deadly mistake during the wintertime.
  • Winterize your truck: Before embarking on any winter delivery route, you should ensure that your truck has been properly weatherized. Providers of truck road service in Wytheville, VA can assist you with winterizing your semi-truck and preparing it for winter travel.

Since 1983, Complete Truck Service Inc. has been the premier provider of truck road service in Wytheville, VA. You can count on our qualified and dedicated team members to provide you with high-quality mechanical services that will ensure that you and your cargo safely make it to your destination. Our team also offers a wide variety of roadside assistance offerings, including towing, lockout assistance and jump-start services. If you are hoping to winterize your vehicle, or if you are in need of mechanical help with your semi-truck, you should reach out to our professional team today!

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