Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns and How to Prevent Them

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As a truck driver, you know that breakdowns are a hassle to deal with. Not only do you get stuck on the side of the road waiting for help, but towing and repairs can get extremely expensive and the downtime can cost you even more money!

Breakdowns are a big fear for truckers, but they don’t have to be. If you are well informed about the major causes of truck breakdowns, you will know more about how to prevent them, saving you money and time down the road. And, if you do end up breaking down, you’ll know that Complete Truck Service Inc. can provide you with reliable truck road service in Wytheville, VA and get you back up and running!

A few of the major causes of truck breakdowns

While there are many reasons why your truck might fail while you’re driving it, there are a few really common causes that we’ve seen over our years of providing truck road service in Wytheville, VA. Here are just a few:

  • Tire failure: With all of the road-time trucks endure, wear and tear on your tires is going to build up. Tires are also often overlooked by drivers during truck checks, meaning easy-to-fix issues go unnoticed. Most often, tire problems result from under-inflation or too-low tread depth.
  • Brake issues: One of the last things drivers want is to be driving their truck when the brake system fails. Brake systems can have any number of problems, but common offenders are air leaks, external corrosion and internal water contamination.
  • Electrical issues: Trucks are complex machines and there are many opportunities for electrical issues to pop up along the way. Most often, these types of breakdowns give symptoms like a dead battery and problems with starting. Be sure to call a truck road service in Wytheville, VA that has the capability to check electrical diagnostics there and then!
  • Age: Trucks endure a lot of abuse during the thousands of miles they drive regularly. While they are built to withstand wear and tear, older trucks are much more susceptible to breaking down due to old age and high mileage.

How to prevent truck breakdowns

The best way to prevent any truck breakdown is to perform thorough and regular maintenance. Do regular truck checks before and after each trip and take your truck into a professional truck repair shop for tune-ups and preventative maintenance. These things will both help you avoid breakdowns and extend the life of your truck in general.

Call Complete Truck Service Inc. if your truck breaks down

In the event that your truck breaks down, call Complete Truck Service Inc.! We have over three decades years of experience providing truck repair and truck road service in Wytheville, VA. We also offer diagnostic services and can help identify any problem and fix it as soon as possible. When it comes to any service you might need in regards to your semi truck, give us a call for a free estimate on all services!

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