Five Things to Look for in a Wrecker Service in Wytheville, VA

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If your car has ever broken down on the side of the road, or you’ve been involved in an accident, you know the first thing you need to do is a call a wrecker service in Wytheville, VA to tow your car back to a repair shop. Who should you call, though? There are so many different tow companies in the area, and they all seem very similar, especially in an emergency situation when you aren’t able to spend a lot of time making a decision. Unfortunately, that’s not the case—some companies are much better than others at handling towing services. Here are a few traits that all of the good companies have in common:

  • Availability: The first thing you should look for in a wrecker service is whether or not they have someone on call to tow your car from the side of the road back to a repair shop. After all, there’s no point in trying to call a company that doesn’t have any employees on duty! You’ll be happy to learn that Complete Truck Service Inc. is available around the clock to tow you and your vehicle wherever you need to go.
  • Dependability: When you pick up the phone to call a wrecker service in Wytheville, VA, you want to know that the tow truck will actually show up at the scene of the accident. There are plenty of horror stories that involve folks calling a wrecker service for help, but the driver never shows up. Luckily, we’re the most reliable wrecker service in town. This means that, when you call us for emergency assistance, we’ll be there on time to tow your car or truck back to the shop for repairs.
  • Qualified team members: Operating a large tow truck isn’t as easy as it may appear. The last thing you want is an unqualified or inexperienced person trying to haul your vehicle away. Someone who doesn’t have any experience hauling cars could end up causing more harm than good. All of our pros have years of experience operating tow trucks, so you can trust that we’ll get your vehicle back safely and quickly so you can get back on the road.
  • Fair prices: All too often, we see wrecker companies overcharging their clients because they know the stranded person has no other option for getting their car to a repair shop. We don’t think that’s the right thing to do. When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to have your car towed. We don’t overcharge for any of our services, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be paying a fair price to have your car towed.
  • Services offered at the shop: Finally, you’ll want to choose a wrecker service in Wytheville, VA that can fix your vehicle once it’s hauled off the side of the road. If you think about it, it’s needlessly stressful to hire a wrecker service that can’t handle everything from start to finish. The pros at our shop repair everything from dents and dings to engines and transmissions. You can trust that we can fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle.

When your car needs to be towed and repaired, Complete Truck Service Inc. is your best option. Give us a call today to learn more about our team and how we can help you when you need it the most.

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